Call to the Enclave.

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Eryn the Wilder
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Call to the Enclave.

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Eryn awoke gasping from another agitated sleep, struggling for air and gripping her bow tightly.
The dreams were coming more often now. Visions of darkness visited her daily, dark creatures of the underworld prowled the night. She rose quickly, too unsettled to linger. The pressure behind her ears was growing each moon. Scanning the forest around her fretfully she gathered twigs and pebbles arranging them skillfully around her in a well practiced pattern, tracing runes in the ground with her hands, making gestures and murmuring in the old tongue:

"Agor fy llygaid i weld."

As she finished the words her breath caught in her chest as her eyes rolled backwards. Her face turned upwards to meet the first rays of sun. Morning mists resting over the forest floor came alive, swirling up to meet her, encircling in frantic tendrils, pulling at her robes. She seemed for a short moment lifted from her knees before being cast face forward into the dirt, her carefully created spell destroyed.

This time Eryn took her time to lift herself from the ground. Wearily she raised her head, dusting the earth from her lips.


It had been many moons now of the same, time after time, always the same. She'd tried to ignore it, these things come and go after all, but as sure as fall stripped summer bare the pressure was becoming inescapable. The omens of the earth, the winds of Kef and the light of Yan all carried the same message. The underworld had awoken, it was restless, and it was on the prowl for weakness. In her dreams the forest burnt and the Enclave fell. Drained by the lack of sleep and the foreboding Eryn took her time to sit in the midst of her broken ritual circle and ruminate. It could be avoided no longer.

Rising to her feet Eryn returned to her pack and penned a letter to the Wilders:-

"Brethren, Wilders, Family, I write in warning. Over many moons I have been troubled by dark visions. A malignant force grows in the land. It stalks, sniffing for weakness. Wilders we stand weak. We are scattered, divided, each off after their own. We know our loyalty to the Enclave only when our paths cross on occasion. I fear we grow vulnerable in our complacency.

I am no better or worse than any amongst us, I write only to call for unity and strength in our bonds. I have waited long for another to unite us but wait no longer. I ask you humbly to join me, fortify our glades and secure our own."

Eryn hastily strapped the message to her black falcon and whispering "Ar gyfer teulu ac enclave!" she released it into the sky. Her hopes soared with the falcon, perhaps the visions weren't predestined inevitability.

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