An Oracle is appointed.

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An Oracle is appointed.

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A booming female voice guild shouts 'Wilders! The time has come! We must gather!'

A booming female voice guild shouts 'Meet me at our guild home!'

In the Treehouse of the Oracle
This large circular treehouse sits within the boughs of the largest elm
tree. The dense foliage enfolding it creates an encompassing dim light. In the
centre of the room is a large roaring fire in a stone hearth. Over the fire
hangs a large cooking pot and a spit. Smoke hangs heavy in the air, permeating
everything. The roof is hung with skulls, the beams carved with runes. Low,
comfortable armchairs are dotted around the room. A large desk sits across from
the door, covered in papers, herbs and bones.
Obvious Exits: East
Heroes Here: Eryn Shayari Ulias Rikis

Eryn nods toward you.

Eryn says 'It is good to see that our bonds of loyalty and unity remain strong.'

Members of the Wild Enclave begin to emerge from the forests, the seas, the mountains, and all of
the wildlands across Asteria.

Eryn says 'Only with a heavy heart I have called on them. I foresaw no other choice.'

Rikis sits.

They make their way to the Enclave guild halls among the trees of Faewood Forest.

Eryn chants strange words of magic...

Eryn says 'I have brought you here to share my foretelling. I'm only sorry it can't be different

Eryn says 'I wish to invite another, Astrum, of the University.'

Rikis sits.

Eryn says 'He has been of great help interpreting my nightmares'

Rikis says 'Is it so dire that we need the High Sage himself present?'

Eryn says 'I fear it is so Rikis.'

Eryn says 'I want him to see what I have to show you.'

Eryn says 'He may have knowledge we don't.'

Rikis nods.

Wolvisher appears from a swirling mist.

Eryn nods toward Wolvisher.

Wolvisher gives a friendly wave.

Wolvisher nods.

Eryn says 'Do I have your permission to allow him to join Wilders?'

Durd scuttles to a corner of the treehouse on the opposite side of the fire from the gathering,
absently chewing on some sort of bloody animal as he watches warily.

Rikis nods his head and says, "Aye."

Eryn says 'Shayari?'

Ulias nods in acceptance

Shayari nods in agreement

Eryn says 'Good.'

Eryn says 'I will ask the winds to summon him!'

Eryn, promising half-orc of the Enclave, begins to gather everyone within the Treehouse of the

There is a strong gust of wind.

Astrum appears from a swirling mist.

Astrum smiles warmly as he greets Eryn.

Rikis bows flourishingly toward Astrum.

Eryn smiles warmly as she greets Astrum.

Shayari nods toward Astrum.

Astrum says 'Greetings, everyone.'

Eryn says 'Astrum, thank you for joining us.'

Belgahr rides from the east on a vicious black warg.

Wolvisher scribes a quick note.

Astrum nods toward Eryn.

Rikis says 'High Sage, you are on sacred ground. Welcome'

Eryn nods toward Belgahr.

Belgahr bows flourishingly toward Eryn.

Wolvisher nods toward Astrum.

In a strange turn, Astrum Ersatra, High Sage of the University of Arcana, is summoned to the meeting
by Eryn.

Astrum says to Eryn, 'What is it that I can help you with, my friend?'

Eryn says 'Let me show you.'

Eryn says 'We will sit around the fire.'

Eryn says 'I want you to see something.'

Eryn says 'All of you.'

Eryn walks to the fire gesturing for the others to sit.

Eryn sits.

Shayari sits.

Astrum sits.

Wolvisher sits.

Rikis sits.

Belgahr sits.

Eryn bids the others to sit around a large bonfire, "I have something to show you all," she says.

Eryn stands from the circle, takes a fistfull of herbs from her belt and crushes them in her hand.

Eryn says 'Wilders! You know what to do!'

Enclave Striders, Guardians, Wardens and all others, begin to chant in an unknown tongue...

Louder, and louder, and louder...

Eryn walks toward the fire and bites hard on her lower lip drawing blood.

Astrum glances about, not knowing the chant. He remains still and observes.

Eryn walks toward the fire and bites hard on her lower lip drawing blood. She lifts the herbs to her
chin and blows a mixture of blood and herbs into the fire.

The fire crackles in response, flames broiling upwards, thick plumes of smoke burgeoning outwards.

Tendrils of smoke rise up into the eaves of the roof before curling back down towards the floor.

Smoke coils around your face, filling your nostrils with sweet beguiling fumes.

The fire suddenly turns black. The Enclave call one loud wild cry, all together, "AAAAWN!"

The room falls silent, save for the crackling of the blackened fire. Your eyes roll back and your
jaw grows slack as you begin to float away from your body.

For a moment in time you lose all normal sensation, tumbling rapidly through shadowy nothing.

A murky damp forest materialises before you, rustling trees overhead against the inky black sky.

You know where you're going.

The flame roars louder and grows larger in response to the Wild Enclave.

Your feet stalk a familiar path through the gnarled roots and leaf litter of the forest floor.

Droplets of water from the undergrowth cling to your clothes and hands as you rush past.

A wind lifts the leaves around you, tousling your hair with its breath.

There's not much time left. Speeding up into a run you hear little but the frenzied thud of your
feet and the relentless pounding of your heart.

As the fire turns black, all of the attendees are thrown into a vision shared by Eryn.

Not far now. The cliff face looms into view, a vast onyx edifice, its monumental size soaring
upwards beyond the clouds.

Scrambling at the foot of the cliff, the entrance comes into view. The gaping maw of the cave
swallows all light, emitting only a deep booming sound.

Tumbling into the darkness a pressure grows in your skull, a pulsating energy radiating through the
air beating at your chest.

Breaking into a sprint you desperately fling yourself deeper into the cave, panic rising in your

You gash yourself as you barrel past black serrated rocks. No time.

There are the towering black metal gates. Wreathed in mist and entwined with flowing vines.

The gates resonate an unbearable energy, your skull feels crushed.

Skidding to a halt you feel the blood spreading from your gash. Searing pain and sticky warmth
spreading up your thigh.

The mists surrounding the gate swim before you, dark shadows shifting.

No time! You slam your hands to the clawing cold gate, gripping them firmly and starting to chant
the words you've studied.

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho."

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho."

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho."

The cold permeates your hands, numbness intensifying into biting pain.

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho."

The gates seem to pulse in your hands as you hold them tight.

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho."

You catch sight of figures beyond the gates, hidden in the shifting mists.

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho."

They're moving closer.

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho."

They are many.

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho."

They are coming.

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho."

The first emerges from the mists and time seems to slow as you are drawn into deep, watery eyes.

"Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of R...Rh..."

A hideously withered human face in the crowd, haggard and thin, baggy skin covering bone. Straggly
tendrils of hair sparsely covering its head.

A long moment stretches out as the permeating cold spreads up your arms, into your chest and heart.

"Long is the... long is the n... long is the..."

"LONG IS THE...l-long is..."

It steps towards you, protruding teeth glinting under a beak like nose. Leathery wings twitching
behind it.

The pressure in your skull increases, you open your mouth, gasping for air. A tiny whisper escapes
you, "looong is the night..."

The gates rattle in your hands, as if fighting you, struggling. Your numb hands begin to loosen
their grip.

"SSSSKRAAAAAAAW!!" the creature cries reaching out a talon, slashing at your face.

You flinch.

Tumbling backward you feel ice drench your stomach as the gates begin to open. The metal hinges
scream for the aeons as the floodgates open.

The crowd of creatures descend. Snatching your breath. Ensnarling you in their talons and sweeping
you away through the cave into an early dawn sky.

Flying upwards, held in a vice like grip you see the cave mouth below you spewing forth a writhing
mass of slack flesh. Clambering outwards into the forest.

The stream of corruption has a fetid stench, foul odours assaulting your nose.

It expands endlessly, defiling the land. The forest bursts into blackened flames, turning to ash
before your eyes.

The wind snatches away your voice as you shout in anguish.

And still the malignant mass expands to the desert, the mountains, the jungle. Slaughtering all in
its path. Leaving behind carnage.

Beneath you, the world is annihilated.

The creature above you continues to fly, loose flesh flapping in the wind. The odour is nauseating.

Just as you feel you're about to lose consciousness fron the stench, the talons release you!


You plummet towards the ground like a boulder.

The overwhelming sound of the air in your ears hits you like a wall.

Your abdomen clenches in icy cold strictures.

You spin.

Head over heels...

...over head over heels...

...the ground ever closer...

...plunging downwards...

A sickening CRUNCH.

Your body crumples into the scorched earth.

You feel your chest rising and falling, your soul returns to your body, the soothing sweet smoke
from the blackened fire drawing you back to consciousness.

Your eyes slowly open, returning you to the safety of the treehouse in the Enclave home, surrounded
by the comforting sounds of the trees swaying in the wind and the twittering of birds outside.

The vision complete, Eryn sits watching the faces of those around her, a solemn expression across
her own visage.

Astrum gasps for air, gulping it down, not seeming to be able to get enough to fill his lungs.

Eryn waits.

Rikis says 'This is... beyond I expected'

Rikis heaves, out of breath from the experience.

Wolvisher gasps in astonishment.

Astrum steadies himself on Rikis, the Half-Orc for a moment, before attempting to compose himself.

Shayari grasps her head

Durd lets out an angry hiss, gripping his bloody snack as though intending to hurl it at the nearest

Rikis supports Astrum, helping him stand.

Coming down from the vision, the attendees gasp for air, at times appearing to drown within the

Astrum says to Eryn, 'That was no dream, was it? Are these the visions you've been enduring, Eryn?'

Eryn says 'I am sorry friends.'

Eryn says 'They are indeed.'

Eryn says 'It's with a heavy heart I share them.'

Wolvisher shakes his head.

Rikis says 'I see the wisdom in bringing the High Sage here. This is beyond just the Enclave'

Eryn says 'You can see my concern.'

Astrum nods gravely, tucking his hands into the arms of his robe.

Wolvisher nods.

Belgahr looks at Eryn with a touch of awe.

As everyone begins to breathe and recover, they look to Eryn with concern.

Shayari says 'High Sage, can you shed any light?'

Astrum says 'The University of Arcana will stand with you against this... whatever this is. This

Ulias looks shaken, "This is dire indeed... What was that thing, that place?"

Astrum takes a moment to ponder the situation.

Eryn looks to Astrum, with dark eyes.

Eryn says 'Good question Ulias, I know not.'

Astrum says 'I know a thing or two about visions, as some of you may know.'

Astrum says 'While very different from my own experience some years ago, I know one thing for

Astrum says 'This is the call of the dead.'

Astrum is particularly concerned that Eryn has suffered these visions. The High Sage reassures that
the University is an ally of the Enclave in this mystery.

Rikis turns to look at Astrum, eager to listen to his guidance.

Eryn lets out a deep sigh.

Eryn rubs her forehead.

Wolvisher frowns.

Astrum says 'Can't you all feel it? The hands of death reaching out?'

Eryn says 'I knew this, but hate to hear you say it friend.'

Astrum looks out over the gathering, his eyes settling on Eryn.

Astrum nods toward Eryn.

Astrum says 'Then we are in agreement.'

Ulias, Rikis, and Shayari begin to question Astrum and Eryn at length but there are few clear

Eryn says 'The balance of nature can only shift so far.'

Eryn says 'Death is important, it is necessary.'

Wolvisher says 'what must we do?'

After some thought, Astrum relates his own story, of a past vision, one he refers to as "the call of
the dead."

Eryn says 'But it should not enter the realm of the living.'

Eryn says 'As it is troubling me.'

They understand now that the veil is lifting, the darkness of the Underworld attempting to cross
into the Overworld, the realm of the living.

Eryn says 'I don't know what to do Wolvisher.'

Eryn says 'The thing I do know is that the future is dangerous.'

Ulias nods.

Wolvisher nods.

Rikis ponders the situation, turning back to Eryn. "I do not believe it mere coincidence that it is
you who has been burdened by these visions."

Eryn says 'We need a leader not to dominate but to lead. To act in service of our common good. We
must do as we have done many moons ago, we must elect a leader.'

Wolvisher says 'I will help to smooth the balance as best as I can.'

Durd lets out a derisive grunt before blowing his nose on his sleeve.

Astrum says 'Friends, you may not know this, but I have been conducting tireless research at the
University of Arcana to help our mutual friend Eryn. I suspected from the beginning that she was
experiencing more than mere dreams, and now I know -- we know -- that these are not dreams. This is

The Elfen Wolvisher, an aspirant of the Enclave, offers his help as well.

Shayari looks troubled

Astrum says 'Eryn, for whatever reason, has been chosen to be the one among us to receive these

Rikis is taken aback by Astrum's words, "prophecy?!"

Eryn looks weary.

Ulias shoots Eryn a sympathetic look

Astrum says 'I believe we must defer to her as our guiding light against this evil. Whether the
visions tell of something real or merely metaphorical, I believe we all know that left unchecked,
the future does not bode well for us.'

Rikis says 'I am in agreement, we must have a leader if we are to weather this coming storm.'

As the members talk of the vision and how they must proceed, Astrum reveals that he has been
researching such matters for some time. "These are not dreams," he says, "This is prophecy."

Wolvisher says 'I agree as well, she must be the one to lead us through thse trying times.'

Rikis nods.

Ulias says 'but if the very barriers of our existance are breaking down, what can we possibly do?'

Eryn says 'Oh Wolvisher, this is not the way we do things.'

Eryn says 'We are equals here.'

Eryn says 'We must vote.'

Belgahr nods.

Belgahr says 'Then I would vote for you.'

Eryn says 'I hear you Ulias, I feel the same, but wandering in all quarters of the realm, wilders
scattered, we stand no chance.'

Wolvisher says 'forgive me, I am just learning, as the path is still new to me.'

Eryn says 'United we stand some.'

Eryn turns to a warden and asks them to arrange the traditional vote.

Rikis, the Astral Hand, an elder of the Enclave, bids everyone present, "We must have a leader if we
are to weather this coming storm."

Ulias nods toward Eryn.

Astrum says 'I cannot participate in a vote, but I implore you Enclavers to stand behind Eryn. This
is greater than any of the guilds of the realm. This is a matter of grave importance to all beings
of Alarra and beyond.'

Rikis looks at the feral goblin in the corner. "Come closer, you too must vote."

Rikis offers Durd a treat.

Ulias glances at Rikis and nods in agreement, "This is true, we stand no chance on our own."

Ulias, a young whelp, joins Wolvisher in seeking answers and to help the Enclave in any way

Astrum stands up.

Eryn turns to a warden and asks them to arrange the traditional vote.

It is decided. A leader is needed. A vote must be called.

Durd absently scratches at himself, showing Rikis his teeth, though his eyes dart toward the beetle

At Eryn's request, an Enclave Warden places a long series of bowls on the desk furthest from the
door, with names written on them.

Durd scuttles foward, scooping up the insect with a low, warning hiss to those around.

The feral goblin Durd, absently scratching himself, notices a beetle at the floor.

Eryn says 'A stone in the bowl of your choice indicates your vote. May the Winds of Kef guide you

The goblin scuttles forward, scoops up the insect with a hiss to warn others nearby.

Rikis grabs a stone and walks towards the bowls. He drops his stone on the bowl with Eryn's name.

Eryn bids everyone present to place a stone in one of the bowls at the desk, making their vote for
Oracle of the Wild Enclave.

Belgahr places his stone in the bowl with Eryn's name as well.

Rikis says 'You have accompanied me through harrowing adventures, kept me safe and led me true.'

Shayari moves to the bowl with Eryn's name and places a stone in it.

Eryn looks both touched and weary.

Rikis nods toward Eryn.

Ulias takes a tone and approaches the bowls. He examines them all thoughtfully for a moment before
finally placing his stone in the bowl marked with Eryn's name.

The Astral Hand is the first to make his loyalty to Eryn known, reminding all present that she has
always fought at his side and shown him only the truth in their time together.

Wolvisher sits.

A stone is dropped into a bowl, then another, then another...

Eryn rubs her eyes and rises from her chair, walking to the bowls.

Eryn sighs deeply, looking at them, and places her stone in Rikis' bowl.

Shayari, Path Seeker and elder member, makes her vote as well.

Durd narrows his eyes at the bowls before turning to Eryn and showing her his teeth. After a moment,
he scuttles forward and places his beetle in the bowl marked with her name.

Ulias carefully examines the bowls, before finally placing his own stone in the bowl marked with
Eryn's name.

Durd narrows his eyes at the bowls before turning to Eryn and showing her his teeth. After a moment,
he scuttles forward and places his beetle in the bowl marked with her name.

Eryn says to Rikis, 'I wouldn't be without you friend, your spirit is true. I'd be honoured to be at
your service.'

Eryn returns to her seat.

Shayari says 'Have all votes been cast?'

Belgahr drops as stone in the same bowl, as does Wolvisher.

Rikis shakes his head.

Wolvisher stands up.

Durd scoops up an errant centipede, dropping it into his mouth and chewing it noisily.

Eryn says 'Yes, I think all votes are cast.'

Rikis says 'Seeker, and I imagine soon I will have another honorific to call you, I have not been
burdened with your visions. It is you who must lead'

Eryn looks touched and dismayed in equal measure.

Durd scoops up an errant centipede and gobbles it up, as the Path Seeker begins to examine each bowl
and count the stones within.

Shayari surveys the bowls.

Wolvisher nods.

Shayari says to Eryn, 'It is clear to me, and to all. We choose you to lead us in the troubling

Eryn hesitates for a moment.

Eryn looks at Shayari and then around the room.

The blackened fire seems to roar with renewed life as Shayari makes it known that Eryn has been
chosen to lead the Enclave through these troubling times.

Astrum gives Eryn a reassuring look.

Eryn says 'Friends, I thank you for the honour of serving you.'

Wolvisher stands up and puts stone in eryn bowl.

Rikis says to Eryn, 'I wish we were witnessing this honor of yours under different circumstances.
But I believe you have led the Enclave to its salvation.'

Eryn says 'If I am who you choose then so be it.'

Belgahr agrees with Rikis.

Wolvisher nods.

Rikis turns to Astrum, "or perhaps you have saved the whole realm."

Shayari nods.

Astrum says 'Eryn, lead your people well. I would like to officially extend not only the hand of the
University of Arcana as a stalwart ally against our common enemy, but my own hand as well. You have
my support as a fellow guild master and friend.'

Astrum turns to the rest of the gathering.

Astrum says 'You all do.'

Eryn says 'I will serve you with my all. Each of you.'

All are in agreement, Eryn is chosen, the Oracle of the Wild Enclave is chosen.

Eryn says 'It is my fervent hope that in our unity we will flourish.'

Rikis bows his head towards Eryn.

The High Sage reassures Eryn that he and the University are at her side in these times as well.

Eryn says 'Rikis I would be honoured if you would perform the ritual required?'

Ulias places a fist over his heart, "I am unskilled yet in the ways of nature, but I am honored to
put my strength behind you, Eryn."

Rikis says 'I am honored to do so, Oracle.'

On Day 12 of Breathing Soul in the Year 813, Eryn has been promoted to Oracle!

Eryn gives a bleak smile and claps Ulias on the shoulder.

Durd looks about himself expectantly, chittering something distinctly demanding while patting at his

Wolvisher nodding, says I am willing to help and follow and do any request ask of me.

Someone proclaims, "From this day forward, Eryn shall be known as Rootless Eryn, Oracle of the

Eryn says 'Thank you friend, we will need all the strength we can.'

Eryn says 'And you Wolvisher.'

Eryn gives Wolvisher a warm smile.

Eryn asks Rikis to perform the necessary ritual to complete her ascension to Oracle.

Rikis says 'Are you ready, my friend?'

The Astral Hand produces a ritual kris and approaches Eryn.

Eryn bows her head and braces herself

Eryn says 'Indeed I am Seeker.'

Rikis approaches Eryn, with his kris in hand. He presses the blade against her skin, drags it in a
mostly complete circle, leaving a small portion open on top. He clears away the blood gushing to the
surface of the exposed flesh.

Rikis makes another cut, straight down from the inner circle crossing the lower threshold of the
previous scar. He clears the blood from this new tear on the oracle.

He presses the blade against her skin, drags it in a mostly complete circle, leaving a small portion
open on top. He clears away the blood gushing to the surface of the exposed flesh.

Rikis dips his hands on some grey pigment, then rubs it on the raw wounds he just cut. With his
hands covered in the mix of the pigment and blood, he beckons to an Enclave Strider to bring some
hot water.

Rikis makes another cut, straight down from the inner circle crossing the lower threshold of the
previous scar. He clears the blood from this new tear on the Oracle.

Rikis dips his hands on some grey pigment, then rubs it into the raw wounds. His hands covered in a
mixture of pigment and blood, he beckons an Enclave Strider to bring hot water at once.

Rikis places his hands, covered in the mix of pigment and blood, into the hot water. Letting his
hands rest in the bowl.

Rikis lets his hands, still covered with pigment and blood, rest in the bowl of hot water.

Rikis turns to face everyone else. "Behold, Rootless Eryn, Oracle of the Wild!"

Wolvisher lifts his head and lets out a howl of joy and happyness. Lowers his head and gives a might
clap and says It is done!

The Astral Hand turns to face everyone else and bellows forth, "Behold,
Rootless Eryn, Oracle of the Wild!" His voice echoes across the wild.

Rikis says 'It is a momentous occasion everyone, we have an Oracle to guide us!'

Eryn bows to the gathering from her bloodied forehead.

Astrum bows flourishingly toward Eryn.

Rikis says 'As is tradition, we shall all become stronger together through our unity!'

Eryn bows to the gathering with her bloodied forehead dripping slightly.

Durd sits back on his haunches, blinking sleepily.

Rikis then begins to pass out leatherskins, filled with a powerful tea made in the process.

Ulias cheers loudly!

Shayari unpacks her Wild Tea of Unity.

Belgahr unpacks his Wild Tea of Unity.

Ulias unpacks his Wild Tea of Unity.

Astrum gestures to the remaining tea. "May I?"

Eryn says 'And for you Astrum.'

Eryn smiles warmly.

Suddenly, it all becomes clear to Astrum.

Astrum unsheathes his Staff of the High Sage.

Eryn says 'Rikis, friend, I must ask you something.'

Rikis says 'Oracle, anything. My fists are yours to command'

Her own ritual complete, the Oracle calls Rikis forth again, "I must ask you something."

Eryn says 'You have been a true friend. Your power and wisdom are great. I ask you to honour me as
my second in command. To guide the Enclave if I cannot.'

Ulias holds the skin high and says "To Eryn, Oracle of the Wild!" and takes a long drink.

Eryn smiles warmly at Ulias.

Rikis takes a step back.

Rikis hesitates, "I'm... not sure."

Eryn watches Rikis, quietly.

Wolvisher chuckles

Rikis steps forward as the Oracle commends him for his service, his power and his wisdom, then
requests, "I ask you to honour me as my second in command. To guide the Enclave if I cannot."

Rikis says 'I will follow your lead, I will take up this mantle of responsibility.'

Eryn 's eyes soften.

Eryn looks relieved.

"My fists are yours," says the Astral Hand, "I will follow your lead. I will take up this mantle of

Durd pulls a small, squashed animal corpse from within his clothing and begins to chew on it, blood
running down his chin.

On Day 12 of Breathing Soul in the Year 813, Rikis has been promoted to Warden!

Eryn says 'Then you know what I must do Rikis.'

Eryn unpacks her Ritual Tattoo Kris.

Rikis nods.

Wolvisher takes a red ant corpse and cracks the shell to eat the meat inside.

Rikis prepares for the ceremony.

Eryn lays a hand on Rikis' shoulder. "Ready?"

In a similar ritual, Eryn produces her own tattoo kris as the Astral Hand readies himself.

Rikis nods his head and says, "Aye."

Sparks from the blackened fire lift up and dance around Rikis, spiralling up to his hands.

Eryn concentrates, methodically marking a ritual tattoo of a falling commet on Rikis' arm.

Eryn takes some blood from her own scar and solemnly rubs it into Rikis'.

Eryn says 'From this day you will be Rikis, Farwarden of the Enclave.'

Eryn proclaims, "From this day forward, Rikis shall be known as Farwarden Rikis, the Astral Hand!"

Shayari drums the floor in approval

Ulias cheers loudly at Rikis!

The Mark of the Oracle still bleeding freshly on her own skin, Eryn begins to carve at the flesh of
Rikis. She takes some blood from her own scar and solemnly rubs it into his newly made scars.

Rikis says 'You honor me Oracle. I will not disappoint!'

The second ritual is complete, and Rikis is named Farwarden.

Eryn beams a smile at Rikis.

Ulias raises his skin of unity tea once again, this time in the direction of Rikis.

Durd spits out the foot of his grisly snack, absently wiping more blood into his clothing.

Shayari drums the floor in approval. Ulias raises his tea and toasts to the Farwarden.

Eryn says to Rikis, 'It will be *my* honour friend.'

Shayari pours some of her tea at Durd's feet and steps back in thought.

Durd continues to chew at a bloodied animal corpse.

Astrum says to Rikis, 'Please know that I am at your disposal as well, Farwarden.'

Rikis says 'Thank you, High Sage.'

Shayari says 'We are guided well'

Wolvisher nods

Ulias nods.

Eryn says 'Your solidarity heartens me Wilders.'

Eryn says 'We have not scattered so far as I feared!'

Durd sniffs curiously at the puddle Shayari has left at his feet before noisily lapping it up and
baring bloody, pigment stained teeth.

Eryn raises her leather drinkin skin.

Eryn says 'To the Balance!'

Rikis raises his own drinking skin.

Belgahr says 'To the Balance!'

Rikis says 'To the Balance!'

Shayari raises her skin and drinks deeply

Wolvisher raises his tea to the Balance

The Wilders toast together and drink from their leatherskins, "To the Balance!" they shout in

Ulias says 'here here!'

Eryn laughs heartily.

Astrum raises his leatherskin.

Ulias says 'to the balance!'

Astrum says 'To the balance it is, then.'

Durd picks his nose, his eyes glazing over, his attention clearly having wandered now that he's
finished his snack.

Eryn says 'We will have much to occupy us in the future friends, but for now, let us relax.'

Wolvisher goes wid eye and scrambles to gusel the tea.

Ulias says 'do you feel that? We've all just been part of history. The enclave will be stronger than
ever now'

Rikis says to Ulias, 'Well said!'

Shayari grins mischievously.

Shayari grins broadly

Astrum whispers something to Eryn.

The Wilders then settle in around the treehouse, resting and relaxing as they revel in the hopes and
dreams of a strengthening and united Enclave.

Eryn whispers something to Astrum.

Rikis sits.

Astrum nods toward Eryn.

Wolvisher grins toothly to eryn. Wolvish says, That is one bloody way to get marked. wolvisher
chuckles to his self.

Eryn nods toward Wolvisher.

Eryn says 'It is a great honour, and a pain.'

Rikis laughs heartily.

Wolvisher nods.

Rikis says 'You give as well as you take, Oracle'

Eryn says 'As are most things in the wild.'

Shayari chuckles merrily.

Eryn laughs heartily.

Rikis rubs his new tattoo.

Eryn says 'If you say so Farwarden.'

Eryn looks as if the words fit nicely on her tongue.

Eryn says 'Farwarden!'

Eryn beams a smile at Rikis.

Astrum says 'Everyone, thank you for having me as a guest. I'm pleased to have the opportunity to
get to know you all a little better.'

Wolvisher rubs his hairry chin, says yes everything is one bloody business one way or another.

Rikis turns to face Astrum

Astrum says 'Your ways and customs are foreign to me, a Kalmyrian Elf.'

Eryn says 'Thank you for coming High Sage.'

Astrum says 'The honor is mine.'

Rikis says to Astrum, 'Feel free to start practicing them, I'm sure many of your students would
appreciate it!'

Rikis grins mischievously.

Astrum gives a warm smile.

Eryn laughs heartily.

Wolvisher grins wide

Shayari grins mischievously.

Eryn says 'Astrum, let me know if having seen the vision you come across anything new.'

Ulias rubs his tattoo for a moment, wincing at the memory.

Astrum says 'You jest, but I do believe some of my students need to leave the island a bit more
often to experience the wonders of our realm.'

Astrum nods toward Eryn.

Astrum says to Eryn, 'I plan to return to my research immediately after this.'

Eryn nods.

Rikis says 'They will have a guide, if they ever call upon me for aid.'

Eryn says to Astrum, 'Then the winds guide you safe friend.'

Somewhat out of place as a Kalmyrian Elf among the Wilders in their habitat, Astrum expresses
gratitude for being witness to the ritual, bidding each a warm farewell.

Astrum says to Rikis, 'Thank you.'

Astrum nods toward Eryn.

Rikis says 'May your prey never escape you, High Sage.'

Wolvisher grabs a beef jerky from pocket and chews on it.

Astrum says 'Farewell.'

Astrum activates his Staff of the High Sage.
Astrum leaves in a swirling mist.

Eryn laughs heartily.

Eryn says 'Well, lets discuss no more of import.'

Eryn says 'I'm done with burdensome things!'

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