Whispers within the Army

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Whispers within the Army

#1 Post by zorian » Tue Feb 04, 2020 4:03 am

For months the Army has been quiet and meeting the status quo. However in the past few months a new member has joined that has begun to gain momentum and status quickly within the army.

With each passing day more and more soldiers flock to run under his command as others whisper of the fame and riches that have obtained following and being loyal to him. Higher ups in the army have begun to notice. Some making friends with him while others fear him scared of losing their position in the army as he rises in the ranks.

As time passes more and more whisper about what Zorian is after in the army and where he will stop. Some whisper that he simply just wants more power and fame. While others think he's specifically trying to gain enough influence to lead the army. No one really knows the reasons and motives that hides beneath his dark elvish skin they are certain of one thing… the Army will be changing very soon.

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