Mini Content Update 3/14/20

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Mini Content Update 3/14/20

#1 Post by Arcades » Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:41 pm

Hello all,

It's been a minute since the last post so this has content from the past couple of months / since around the start of the year. RP/Guild stuff sort of eclipsed building duties for a bit there so I'm just getting back to it.

New Content:
• More mobs, forageables, and vendor loot in several areas
• More socials added - thanks for all the great suggestions, please keep them coming via the IDEA command
• Some quests for the new areas below
• Thank you to Eryn for creating the afterlife lore for Asteria, including the new player death experience and all content for the Otherworld

New subareas:
• The Frozen Mines 100+
As spelunking explorers of all kinds continue to make their way into the depths of Skybreak Caverns, greater concentrations of rich mineral veins have been discovered. A group of dwarves native to the mountains, calling themselves the Skybreak Mining Company, have begun constructing hidden mine shafts, promising to kill all trespassers on sight.
• Faewood Fortress 120+
A once hidden and supposedly tranquil glade of northern Faewood Forest was recently discovered to be the site of a wooden fortress, and also filled with mystical water creatures who are inexplicably hostile to outsiders. Mystery shrouds whatever turned this formerly peaceful clearing of radiant pools into a battleground of enraged water monsters.
• Minotaur Camps 150+
The minotaurs east of the Scarlet Sands have grown in such numbers that they are moving beyond the walls of their expansive keep. Encampments have been sighted across the farthest northern and southern regions of the red sand desert, and the outcast minotaurs are said to hoard what little treasure they have in centralized locales.

Existing Content
• Continuing to adjust mobs for difficulty
• Consolidated/reorganized a few areas where it was needed
• Improved all Animated Weapons
• Elemental runes in the Temple of Elements can be activated for a temporary buff
• Enclave guild hall expanded and new quests added, all created by GM Eryn
• All University weapons and shields count as a Spell Focus

Coming Soon
• Army guild hall redesign by GM Zorian
• Updates to University by GM Oiche
• More stuff

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