Unarmed Combat - Firefist Terminator

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Unarmed Combat - Firefist Terminator

#1 Post by Runedir » Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:47 am

Firefist Terminator [-------------------------------------------------] Suggest Guild - Wild Enclave [-------------------------------------------------] Unarmed Combat 20 Mysticism 12 Athletics 17 Acrobatics 12 Awareness 14 Evocation 5 Stealth 20 [-------------------------------------------------] Total [100] [-------------------------------------------------]
The Build I am going for with Unarmed Combat utilizes a mixture of several skills.
Mysticism and Athletics offers the Terminator a 5% bonus to Attack Power and Spellpower based on Maximum Health as well as a 5% bonus to Attack Power and Spellpower based on Maximum Mana. This is further enhanced by Unarmed Combats design to use a hybrid of Light and Cloth gear.
Acrobatics offers improved survival through Dodge and Mobility, a boost to damage with Initiative and quick recovery from knockdowns through Kip-Up.
Awareness improves the ability to critical strike and offers immunity from blind to continue fighting.
Evocation gives a resistance debuff through Frostfire Sigil that assists damage from Molten Strengths detonation and Shockwaves Cold and Fire elements.
Stealth offers improved ability to slay through Assassination, the ability to cast while hiding, and once Aspects are obtained through Wild Enclave Abilities, improved damage through Backstab with Aspect of the Tiger.
While the Enclave offers the player a pet, due to the lack of Coercion, it becomes more of an RP and style option than fully useful.
This build has not yet been tested fully

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Re: Unarmed Combat - Firefist Terminator

#2 Post by Valdos » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:11 am

Really excited to try this out. This build has a lot of similarity to the type of build I wanted to try when I started playing, so thank you!

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Re: Unarmed Combat - Firefist Terminator

#3 Post by Arcades » Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:02 am

Can't believe I hadn't thought of the synergy between Frostfire Sigil and Shockwave. Very cool. Thanks!

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