Rho Divine Warrior Build

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Rho Divine Warrior Build

#1 Post by Aralin » Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:13 am

So I decided to post my unique build that I am thinking of going. I wanted to take skills that had some synergy but also followed some of the aspects of Rho as I imagine them.

Divinity 1-20 (Rank 20)

Obviously gotta have the divine spells - great CC in Void Prison and group utility with heal, cure, and rez! Plus...gotta master the divine if you want to be a warrior priest!

Alteration 1 - 20 (Rank 20)

So this has Arcane Bolt, which gives you up to 3 arcane orbs that provide 5% spell power each! Yeah, they only last a minute but you can use that minute for some really potent spells! In addition alteration just has some great utility skills with slow, haste, steal magic, and reverse time (Heal over Time)! So this will just add more utility and even some nifty transportation skills that I can use for group transports and everything!

Stealth 1 -20 (Rank 20)

One of Rho's aspects, in my own mind, is darkness and stealth is just an aspect of being unseen in an unending darkness! Stealth also allows me to get some added survival skills while giving me Quiet Casting, which allows me to stay hidden while casting!

Mysticism 1 - 12 (Rank 12)

Mysticism gives mana regen, and supreme psyche! This helps increase both attack and spellpower based on my max mana. While the rest of the line is awesome I needed to save skill points so I can dip into other skill trees. However, had to get Supreme Psyche for the bonus to attack and spellpower.

Unarmed Combat 1 - 12 (Rank 12)

So I am going unarmed combat because I plan on going Vampire in the Sinshade Family and wanted to have an attack that I could do and do well, plus I like the idea of a warrior monk! One of the other reasons for going unarmed combat is for Ki Strikes! Ki strikes allows me to focus on spellpower rather than getting attack power since it makes my unarmed attacks to count as magic which then benefits from both of my attack and spell power! This also works well since Supreme Psyche increases both attack and spellpower, which allows me to double dip and improve my unarmed attacks. Going to rank 12 also allows me to have some more survivability with catch missiles, and wholeness of body that allows my mana to act as a second health pool when my HP drops to zero!

Necromancy 1 - 16 (Rank 16)

So now onto necromancy! One of the major reasons I am getting necromancy is for the character story and history, but it also provides some amazing spell buffs! Willow wisp increases my spell power, and fear provides me with added CC, while syphon soul gives me another heal and hex debuffs my enemies to take more damge! Demon hide is the final skill I am getting and it is a great buff that increases HP by a very good amount, which again just adds to my survivability.

Anyway, what do you guys think? I think this will be a fun and unique build to play with! Hope I am not making myself a gimp! :)

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Re: Rho Divine Warrior Build

#2 Post by Arcades » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:24 am

This is definitely up my alley. I'm a huge fan of magic-heavy hybrid builds. Love the idea of just enough points in Unarmed Combat to have the enhancement as well as non-magic attack option, particularly if you're silenced, but the build still mostly focusing on spells as your forte. Stealth certainly fits with Rho theme and it's kewl to see stealth used with magic instead of typical combat/melee. Yeah, IMHO it looks like a lot of fun, works thematically, and I would think pretty efficient. I'd be interested to hear how it goes if you decide to try this build.

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