The Juggernaut

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The Juggernaut

#1 Post by Vero » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:11 pm

The Juggernaut

Race: Half-Ogre
Preferred Guild: Army of Rhojidan
  1. Weapon and Shield - 20
  2. Athleticism - 20
  3. Riding - 20
  4. Survival - 20
  5. Awareness - 14
  6. Evocation - 6
Total - 100

Skill Order:

Weapon Shield

After those 3 hit 20 it really doesnt matter.

This build focuses on being as tanky as possible while dishing out tons of stuns. The Half-Ogre racial, Weapon and Shields Bash, Armys Blunt Weapon Specialization and Molten Strength from Evocation. You can essentially lock down single targets with no problem and the more enemies that are attacking the more times your block will go off.

Your AP will scale off of your armor so the more armor the more damage. You'll also want to stick with blunt weapons though you can always use a one handed spear for the initial charge damage boost and then switch them out. So heavy armor is your friend. And with the Armys ability to give your mount armor and Ridings ability to upgrade it to heavy armor you can get a nice stackable boost.

If an enemy retreats use shield throw or if you are fighting ranged/casters and melee I like to focus on the melee and kill them with bash while focusing shield throw on the mage/ranged. ST has a decent chance to interrupt a spell as well so time it properly, dont spam.

The Skill choices for Weapon and Shield, Athleticism and Riding should be an obvious choice. We want Survival to 20 as well for the Resistances, Herbal Remedy, Aid and Second Chance. The last three when mixed with Second Wind, Shield Wall and Fortify you can not only absorb a ton of damage but mitigate more the lower your health is on top of replenishing your health with Aid at a boosted rate due to Herbal Remedy. And if all else fails Second Chance should buy you some more time. We take Awareness to obtain the Blind Immunity, the others that get picked up are always a plus for versatility. Evocation is for Molten Strength which gives us a AP boost along with a chance for more stuns.

When choosing your gear always go for Armor of course but Health>AP. With Athleticism you get access to Supreme Physique which increases AP and SP based on health.

The best thing about this build is how everything synergizes together.

Armor = Damage Reduction+AP
Health = Damage Soak+AP
Mounts = Armor/Health = AP + Extra Attack
Block = Damage Soak + Free Bash/Stun
Fortify = Damage Soak
Half-Ogre Racial = Armor = AP + Stun
Army Abilities = Armor/Horse Armor = AP + Stuns
Evocation = AP+Stun
Aid = Heal
Second Wind = Health Boost.

Halfways Tested

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