Dread Knight

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Dread Knight

#1 Post by Dredmor » Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:06 pm

Here is my planned build, built with a focus on a balance between RP flavor and combat effectivness.

Race - Half-Ogre

Two Handed Weapons - 20 points
Athletics - 20 points
Primary means of combat is to be slow but hard hitting melee of the tanky variety, thus two handed weapons and heavy armor.

Necromancy magic - 20 points
Planned primary abilities here are Demon Hide, Dark Prowess, and ancient plague to aid combat. Soul Trap will be used as well, but equally as a role play feature as it fits my planned character story.

Magical Dexterity - 20 points
Mostly for the passive abilities gained like Energy Roil, Regalia, and Perpetuation as well as Energy Shield for combat purposes. Things like Detect Magic and Spell craft will be handy and also contribute to character RP.

Evocation Magic - 20 points
Primarily planning on using Molten Strength and Imbue Weapon to aid in combat, but could may also use Fire Ball, Firestorm, and Ride Lightning on occasion.

A member of the Sinshade Family Guild, I intend to go with the Demon Bloodline, this guild and bloodline has some useful passives for melee as well as fitting RP features.

Abilities like Endless Vigor, Syphon Soul, Soul Trap, Ancient Plague, and Deathly Embrace all provide some good synergistic abilities that also fit well with the character background I have in mind.

Thanks for looking, let me know if you have any thoughts.

Edited to include Evocation Magic

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