A Revamped Skill System

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A Revamped Skill System

#1 Post by Code » Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:18 pm

I decided to create a new forum here. There are a lot of changes in the pipeline, but the time and effort to implement everything will be long and arduous.
Originally, I felt that keeping change considerations hidden and under wraps from the majority of the player base was the right move; as introducing brand
new elements may isolate or discourage some players from being active. While I still think this is the case for extremely early and undeveloped ideas, I've
realized it would do more good than harm to open up about the changes that we have in stored.

So this forum will act as a sort of diary that I can use to post notes and changes that I think will be good for the game. Not everything posted here will
be implemented and some things will obviously go through changes before being made final. However, in being transparent with the ideas we are toying with,
I think it will be overall appreciated as a whole. New threads in this forum will not be available to normal users, however everyone will be able to reply
to threads. This allows players to express the ideas, opinions, criticisms, and the like in response to any posts made. I hope this encourages healthy
discussion about the future of the mud and where we as a community want it to go.

As a start, a big change is coming to the skill system. There was some discussion about a massive skill tree, but ultimately that idea was thrown out. In
its place is a more condensed version that I hope will open up a lot of interesting decisions to be made. One issue that has obviously cropped up with
regards to leveling is the fact that reaching level 100 is not as difficult as one thought. Likewise, the level 100+ game has left something to be desired.
While not an original idea by any stretch of the imagination, we intend to extend the leveling game to around level 250, before skill points are no longer
earned. The new skill system would be based around this concept.

Skills would still have the typical range of 20 ranks. However, they are now broken up into effective Tiers. Tiers are divided as such:
Tier 1: 1-5
Tier 2: 6-10
Tier 3: 11-15
Tier 4: 16-20
Tier 5: 21+ (skill bonuses only)

Skill rank still plays a factor in modifying the effectiveness of abilities and spells, Tiers will also play a part. In addition, the tier determines the
skill point cost of each skill when training. The skill point cost is equal to the tier, meaning it takes 1 skill point for each rank 1-5, 2 skill points
for 6-10, 3 skill points for 11-15, and 4 skill points to train 16-20. This equates to spending 50 skill points to max out a skill. This means, in order
to max out the traditional 5 skills, most players would have to reach level 250.

In addition, each tier would have a set of abilities/spells. These are called Focus and you are able to select one to be active per tier. These choices
are not permanent; you can freely switch them out as you see fit. These choices will provide a level of specialization for skills that otherwise did
not exist. Due to the nature of this new option, skills are receiving a total revamp. As an example, I will post the changes to Evocation. As stated above,
these are subject to change and will not be the final revision.

This skill highly offensive and focuses on fire, ice, and arcane magic.

1) Ice Dagger - SPELL. A quick casting spell that deals cold damage, causing the target to be FROZEN and slowed.
2) Fireball - SPELL. Strong fire damage that causes target to be BURNED, increasing damage by 10% from all sources.
3) Arcane Bolt - SPELL. Deals arcane damage. Has a chance to cause an arcane orb to surround you. Arcane orbs increase your spell power by 5%. Maximum 3.
5) Natural Force - Fire spells cost 20% less during the day. Cold spells cost 20% less during the night. Arcane spells cost 10% less.
8) Flame Blast - SPELL. Fire spell that blasts all enemies advanced on you. Knocks them back, out of melee, and causes BURNED.
11) Arcane Missiles - SPELL. For every arcane orb around you, the target is hit with an Arcane Bolt.
12) Ice Wall - SPELL. Creates a wall of ice around you that absorbs damage based on your maximum health. Lasts 1 minute. Melee attacks against you will cause the target to be FROZEN.
13) Firestorm - SPELL. Deals fire damage to all hostile creatures in the room and causing them to be BURNED.
14) Blizzard - SPELL. Deals cold damage to all hostile creatures in the room and causes them to be FROZEN and slowed.
16) Shatter - Your critical chance increases by 25% against FROZEN targets.
18) Critical Mass - Your fire spells deal three times as much damage on a critical hit.
20) Savant - Your spellpower is increased by 10%.


Tier 1
Robes of the Arcane - While wearing no light and heavy armor, evocation spells deal 10% more damage.
Harsh Lessons - Your spells have a 50% chance of interrupting targets.
Elemental Bombardment - If the last spell you cast on a target was of a different element, deal 15% more damage.

Tier 2
Fire Specialization - Deal 15% more damage with fire spells. All other elements deal 10% less.
Cold Specialization - Deal 15% more damage with fire spells. All other elements deal 10% less.
Arcane Specialization - Deal 15% more damage with fire spells. All other elements deal 10% less.
Tier 3
Combust - SPELL. Engulfs the target in flames. Critical chance increased to 50% against this target.
Winter's Majesty - You radiate freezing cold. Enemies advanced on you are considered FROZEN and slowed.
Arcane Critical - When dealing a critical strike with Arcane Bolt, you receive the maximum amount of orbs.
Tier 4
World in Flames - Fire spells cause the ground to erupt in flames, dealing DoT damage to all hostile targets.
Glacial Prison - SPELL. Freeze a target in a block of ice for 10 seconds, reducing their magic resistance by 25%. 2 minute cooldown.
Arcane Mastery - You are able to have 5 arcane orbs around you at a time.

Please feel free to let me know what you think! There are plenty more changes in the pipeline and I will update this forum
with more throughout the process.


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Re: A Revamped Skill System

#2 Post by Dsiban » Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:33 pm

Thanks for sharing this information with me. I'm excited about the direction that you're taking the Asterian skill system. This approach to skill design reminds me of the systems in other games that I've come to love over the years and I can't wait not only to hear more, but to see these changes become implemented.

Would you be willing to address or acknowledge here the current issues of pet dependency and restricted build hybridization? Pet dependency as manifested by the difficulty of non-pet classes in surviving in the world, especially at higher level play, and hybridization referring to the playability or performance of builds like cloth armor weapon/shield caster/shield bashers and light armor two handed weapon users.

Thanks again!

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