A Revamp of the Revamp...

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A Revamp of the Revamp...

#1 Post by Code » Thu Jan 30, 2020 7:57 pm

The previous post presented a new skill system. After listening to feedback and some reflecting, I realized that the changes, while interesting, failed to grasp a lot of the issues systemic with Asteria. I am presenting a new system here and soliciting for any feedback. While it might be difficult to comprehend all of the proposed ideas, I will provide follow up that will hopefully clear up any issues.

Disclaimer: Just to reiterate, the intent of these posts is to provide insight into the design process and to let players know the general path we are attempting to go. It's also a way for me to record some of my ideas/thoughts and get some feedback. Asteria has a small, but great community that will hopefully grow in the coming months and years. I feel, by writing these posts, that it gives every member a sense of agency and ownership in the future of the MUD.

Basic Stats
  • Vitality - Represents strength, constitution, and fortitude. Actions that focus on powerful physical damage or resisting them will be based on Vitality. Your health is increased by your Vitality value.
  • Agility - Represents dexterity, finesse, and speed. Actions that focus on quickness and flexibility will generally be based on Agility.
  • Intelligence - Represents magic, knowledge, and wit. Actions that focus on spell casting or outsmarting an opponent will generally be based on Intelligence.
  • Spirit - Represents charisma, willpower, and connection to the energies of the world. Actions that focus on mental fortitude and overcoming physical restraints will be based on Spirit. Your mana is increased by your Spirit value.
Starting Stats 10 for each stat.
Max Stats 300 each.

You will receive 5 stat points per level. You can train any stat up to the max with the limitation that one stat can not be higher than the sum of the other three.
For instance, if you want to increase your Vitality stat to 100, you must have at least 100 points distributed between Agility, Intelligence, and Spirit.
Stats can also be referenced as having a level. This just means take the stat value and divide by 10, rounded down. For instance, a value of 183 in Intelligence would be 18. This is used in many combat formulas.


Receive 1 talent point every 4 levels.
Each talent has at least one stat requirement and may have requirements for other talents. In addition, some talents may have opposing talents, meaning only one can be chosen.
While Talents are taking the place of abilities/spells, unlike the current system, they will not be tied directly to a specific skill. This means talents are much more flexible and are able to be used in more ways. Spells will be earned by earning the appropriate Talent. A Spell Talent will give you access to a spell upon reaching a specified level. Each Spell Talent will have between 2-6 spells.
Rather than providing a few examples, I'll write a new post with a list of possible talents. Having said that, I'm looking to have around 200 talents to choose from initially, with more opportunities for active talents, rather than strictly passive.


Receive 1 skill point every 5 levels.
Skills represents your character's ability to perform typically non-combat activities. The higher your rank in a skill, the better chance you have of successfully passing a Skill Check. Skill Checks follow a simple formula: A random number between 1-100 vs a set difficulty. If higher, the check passes, otherwise it fails. In most cases, anyone can attempt a Skill Check. Every rank in a skill will offer a re-roll to pass the check.
For instance, if you come across a locked door, you can attempt to pick the lock. This particular door has a difficulty of 40, so you would attempt a Pick Locks check vs 40. A 1-100 will be generated, and if this number is over 40, the door will be unlocked. If you fail, with 3 ranks in your Pick Locks skill, you have 3 more attempts to pass, otherwise you will fail. Failure may mean different things, such as unable to try again for a specific amount of time, or losing tools/resources.

Some examples of skills:
  • Animal Handling - Anyone can attempt to TAME, with those having ranks in animal handling will do so more efficiently. At the end of every combat, there is an Animal Handling check, failure causes your pets to leave you (or attack you if critical failure).
  • Commerce - Any time you purchase or sell an item, there is a skill check. Success means you get a +25% discount or surcharge. Selling multiple items will only have one skill check, the result will apply to all items.
  • Diplomacy - Any time you complete a quest/mission, there is a skill check. Success means you earn 25% extra gold.
  • Alchemy - If you know a specific recipe, and have the right ingredients, you may attempt to craft a potion. Failure will cost you your ingredients with no potion made.
  • Swimming - When attempting to move in water, a skill check is made. Success means you are able to move through the water, failure prevents you and may lead to drowning.
  • Necromancy - If you know a specific recipe, you may attempt to combine body parts to create a skeleton/abomination/undead pets. Failure will cost you the ingredients or may cause your pet to become hostile towards you.
  • Riding - In order to ride a mount, you must first BREAK it. This requires a check, failure will cause the mount to go away. Mounts purchased a stable will already be broken in. While mounted, at the beginning of any combat, there is a riding check. Failure causes you to lose your mount. You may also attempt to BOND with a mount, preventing the mount from leaving your side. You'll also be able to teach your mount non-combat tricks.
  • Learning - Anytime you earn XP, there is a skill check. Success means you get an additional 25% extra xp. In addition, every rank gives you +1 remember slot.
  • Magical Dexterity - Whenever you activate an item, there may be a skill check performed. Success means the activation works, otherwise it fails, losing the charge.
There will be around 20 or so skills available to train in. Certain races and guilds will give free ranks in specific skills.


There will be a max of 200 levels. At 200, you will no longer receive xp. (The ability to unlock additional stats/talents/skills will come from destiny after reaching level 200).
This equates to, at max level, 1000 stat points, 50 talent points, and 40 skill points.


Destiny is going to be our new premium currency. Servers have costs, and this will allow us to be able to continue running Asteria and provide new content for all of our players. You may purchase Destiny from our website for $9.99 for 10 Destiny, $24.99 for 50, or $99.99 for 500. You may also now sign up for a subscription at $14.99 per month, automatically providing 25 destiny, giving at the first of the month. In addition...
Just Kidding!

Destiny is our way to incentivize roleplaying and generally making the world a better place. Staff and trusted players will be able to award Destiny. Typically you will earn it through participating in events, running events, providing mentorship, and being an active member of the community.
You may spend Destiny on a variety of things. Not exhaustive, but a few examples:
  • Restringing an item.
  • Restringing an action or spell.
  • Gold or XP gain or bonuses.
  • Housing
  • Post level 200, unlocking additional stats/talents/skill points.
  • A very nice letter from Greg that will probably be dictated, not read, and recorded by Arcades.
  • Mercy (To protect yourself from the penalties of death)
  • Titles
  • Surname Change
  • Shell access
  • Free retrainings
Combat and Misc New Concepts

I won't go into complete specifics about all the changes, but I'll list a few of the major concepts. In another post, I'll go into more detail about the combat system.
  • Stats will now play a part in how successful you are at hitting and avoiding attacks. Monsters will have the same 4 stats and actions performed will be a contest between these stats. This means knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a monster will provide you with an advantage.
  • In addition to the 4 stats, players will have an Armor and Magic Resistance rating. These are no longer percentage based, they offer flat reduction of damage.
  • Less emphasis on equipment to increase stats. Equipment will provide Armor and Magic Resistance. Cloth will provide higher Magic Resist with little to no Armor. Light armor will be a mixture of the two, and Heavy Armor provides higher Armor, lower Magic Resist.
  • The equipment in your chest slot will provide more bonuses based on how many pieces of the same type of equipment you are wearing. Typically, this will be 2-3 pieces.
  • With few exceptions, stats from equipment will no longer stack. Meaning if you wear a helmet that gives +20% to health and a ring that gives +10% to health, you'll only benefit from the 20%.
  • Resistances will no longer have granular values. Instead it is either VULNERABLE, NORMAL, RESISTANT, IMMUNE. Vulnerable deals double damage, resistance reduces it by 50%, and immune reduces it to 0%.
  • Damage numbers will be much less than the current system.
  • Hands will no longer be used for item manipulation. They are strictly used to hold weapons/shields/staves/etc. You'll be able to interact with items and equipment from your backpack (as if everyone has Deft Hands).
  • Health and Mana will no longer regenerate on a regular basis. In order to regenerate, you will need to REST in a safe area. Items and spells can also provide regen. This should give combat and hunting a bit more of a tactical feel.
  • Combat will slow down, meaning actions won't be happening as fast as they are now.
  • With a few exceptions, Talents will no longer be weapon/armor based.
  • You will be able to cast spells while wielding weapons naturally.
  • Defensive Reactions: This will be explained when combat is detailed out, but essentially these act as a way to avoid/mitigate damage. Whenever triggered, their difficulty to succeed will increase, simulating the idea of breaking down your (or the enemies) defenses as the fight goes on.
  • Pets will still be viable.
  • Retrains will be easier and more accessible, especially at lower levels.
  • Redesigned Racials and Guild Abilities that will mesh better with the new Talent system.
Again, not an exhaustive list, but just some of the changes we are looking to implement. This is a massive overhaul and will hopefully create a better gameplay experience for everyone.

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Re: A Revamp of the Revamp...

#2 Post by Deneb » Tue Feb 18, 2020 2:49 pm

Will Focuses still be a thing? I really enjoyed that aspect of the previous version and think it would help to really differentiate characters picking the same talents, because although I do think this will lead to more build variety, there will still be common builds of certain clusters of talents.

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