Revamp of the Revamp of the...Fun with Iteration

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Revamp of the Revamp of the...Fun with Iteration

#1 Post by Code » Tue Feb 18, 2020 3:28 pm

As most know, development of a game is an ongoing process and what sounds good in theory tends to not hold up in practice. Likewise, ideas that seem to be interesting at first glance end up being thrown out with the garbage. So here we are, looking at the next iteration of a revamp.

The idea of classes has been a bit of an antithesis to Asteria up until now. We prided ourselves in the ability of creating an interesting and robust open skilled system allowing for all sorts of interesting characters to be designed. Where others have failed in such endeavors, my hubris pushed me to believe I could actually achieve what others have failed to do. I failed. Open skilled systems are a great idea on paper; the reality is not ideal. I came to the realization that designing characters was more fun than actually playing them. This may have to do with our combat system and general gameplay, but I honestly believe that it is a fundamental flaw in an open skilled system. I also came to the realization that most players, with few exceptions, end up choosing to play an archetype with the attempt of choosing skills that best reflect that choice. With that, I've decided that Asteria's revamp will include classes.

When creating a character (or upon logging into an existing legacy character) you'll be presented with several options to choose from. Each class provides weapon and armor proficiencies, as well as a health/mana/stat growth. In addition, a list of abilities will be gained upon leveling. Each ability also comes with 2-4 specialties; similar to how focuses were in the revamp 1. You'll be able to switch out your specialties at will; providing each class with flexibility and customization. Upon joining a guild, you will select a path, similar to Bloodlines for Sinshade, which will act as a secondary class of sorts. You'll earn abilities and specialties based on these paths in addition to your primary class. With these two class choices, along with race, a player will end up with around 15-20 abilities and a 2-4 specialties per ability to select from. This should provide ample opportunity to allow for creative design from the player while still having a structured system.

Last post had a lot of information about the backend of how combat will work. It wasn't really necessary, so I'll try to avoid that here. In essence, the biggest change is we are removing the balance system. This will be replaced with a new Focus system. Each player will gain a random amount of focus (up to 100) every few seconds while in combat. Any actions in combat will cost a certain amount of focus. Outside of combat, focus is not used. Many actions are now instant, though some of the more powerful will have a delay when used. I believe (hope) that this will address some of the concerns we currently have with the balance system, while providing a slower, but more tactical, combat.

More to come..

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