Armor Rework

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Armor Rework

#1 Post by Dsiban » Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:20 am

This is a Game Suggestion topic. I'm on a restricted tablet that is, luckily, allowing me to create a post here in Game Questions but not, sadly, in Game Suggestions.

Armor has two basic stats : offensive power and defensive power.
Cloth = offense, Heavy = defense, Light = balanced.
Skills determine how power is applied to the game world.
Hp/mp are independent of armor and are mostly based on level.
Jewelry and other accessories are modifiers.

That's the basic, conservative idea.
The seed concept was choice trees like :
Offense or Defense
Ranged or Melee
Magic or Physical
Flat damage or Crit gamble
Damage Type

I also think that balance will be easier as everything is coming from one pool (power) whose first division is into offense and defense. Power to performance ratios can be adjusted e.g. defensive power to dodge.

Afterthought: The concept of plate leather cloth could be done away with and tied into Wren's Dress Up idea.

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