Dual Wield - Nature's Survivalist

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Dual Wield - Nature's Survivalist

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Nature's Survivalist [-------------------------------------------------] Suggested Guild - Wild Enclave [-------------------------------------------------] Dual Weapons 20
Acrobatics 20
Survival 20
Thievery 20
Naturalism 15
Athletics 3
Alteration 2
What's The Goal?
Nature's Survivalist is a build designed to stay out in the field, on the go, for the maximum amount of time. For those who figure standing still is for targets and corpses!

The Skills

Dual Weapons offers the player opportunity to tailor their attack style through various options - daggers for speed, axes for damage, etc. With the added bonus of disarm to lower incoming damage on disarmed targets, riposte to end the fight sooner, deft hands so that the fight needn't pause while you quaff a potion, and more.

Acrobatics makes use of light armor to improve our overall survivability and mobility - you can't defeat what you can't hit! With many goodies like initiative to increase our damage, kipup to counter enemies who'd knock you prone and battle rhythm to keep the blood flowing, it's not only practical - it's desirable.

Survival does what it says on the tin! Increased resistances from natural resistance, campfire to help reduce downtime, improved healing from herbal remedy and wild alchemy, a self heal through aid and a get-out-of-death safety net in second chance, this whole skillset is awesome for those who prefer to dodge death rather than meet it.

Thievery is in the build for the increased damage offered through poisoned weapon and cutpurse, increased gold gain potential with pick locks and avarice, and of course, coup de grace for that sweet sweet upper hand against immobile enemies. Thievery is also the skillset that I would likely change out, late game, depending on your needs - it's useful for the build, especially while leveling, but it's not integral as the others. If you needed Awareness for blind fighting or wanted more magic synergy, thievery would be the one to axe.

Naturalism is here because it's almost entirely dedicated towards keeping yourself and others alive - some of it through semi-passive means. With regrowth to improve regeneration, barkskin to improve defense and healing rain for an on-demand heal, it's got a little bit of everything a survivalist might desire. Toss in some useful offense abilities, like strangling vines and earthquake, and you're ready for a myriad of situations. Do note however that our build is more interested dodge and crit than it is in spell power - Naturalism is meant to supplement the build, but we're not a mage. Cast carefully.

Athletics offers improved health regeneration and swimming. The health regeneration is most important, but swimming doesn't hurt in the lower levels.

Alteration is in the build solely for the use of translocate - having to juggle inventory slots, even with hidden pockets for a small boost, is perhaps one of the greatest pains of lower level play. Translocate lets you send items directly to your bank vault from anywhere!

Builder's Notes

This build has been very fun to use so far, and I think it'll be even more fun in late game play. I've been using axes for aesthetic appeal as well as the balance of damage and speed, but I might switch to daggers for the speed boost - more attacks means more opportunity to crit, after all. The suggested guild for this build is largely personal choice - none of the other guilds offer anything specifically desirable to this style of play, whereas being able to change tattoos on the fly does support the whole lone survivor motif. The lack of coercion means that we won't really make use of our ability to have pets, though it's plausible to use one or two of them for their innate ability to render a target immobile and capitalize on it.

A build is just a way someone thinks will be fun or effective to play. If you like the ideas presented, but have something that you'd change, please comment!
I currently play Durd, a Feral Goblin.

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