Writings on the Undead

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Writings on the Undead

#1 Post by Xzean » Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:54 am

These notes are found tucked into another book in the University library. They read:

Everything operates with the same two modes of function. The state of rest, and the state of action through consumption. Everything must have it's fuel, whatever it may be. Undead need no rest, yet consume as much as they are able to do with the time they exist as well as how fast and strong they are. Corruption of the Consumption Principle. The very basic explanation of the creation of Undead.

The most basic of undead subsist on a simple consumption principle loop. It can no longer fuel itself on anything but the base feeding on living life force through the most inefficient means - through the flesh and blood of the living. Even though the undead frame is more resilient and very energy efficient, it is not able to continue without sustenance. More intelligent undead of course add more principles onto the consumption loop, but at the core still must answer the same question. Now that they cannot generate life force, where might they find it and how might they consume it?

Of course, even the most basic of Undead forms, that of zombies, seem immune to this. This speaks to the complexity of the Art of Necromancy, but if one looks deeper we can see that they do feed their own hunger for life force. They are incredibly aggressive towards the living, attacking immediately and not fleeing when confronted by things stronger then they are. Zombies will kill the living if they can, and there are many stories of them feeding on the living after they die. We have all heard of zombies eating their victims, in particular the brain. Does the zombie hunger for what they are now missing? Thus we see the first addition to the consumption principle; Undead feed on what they lack, in this case the zombie is lacking the “intellect” that makes a sentient being, the consciousness.

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