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Vampire Feedback

#1 Post by Cahl » Fri Dec 13, 2019 6:33 pm

Per help file:
40 Child of the Night (passive bonuses)
Nightvision, 50% Cold Resistance, Double Sneak Damage
50 Bat Form - Temporary form which allows safe, unhindered travel
60 Blood Drinker - Attack and drain life from a target
70 Cloak of Shadows - Gives your entire group stealth and additional protection

Child of the Night - great, nightvision is amazing of course, 50% cold resist doesn't work, and double sneak damage sounds amazing, but no way to verify for me since i've been a vampire before that change as far as I know.

Bat form - really really good. fun way to get around if you're fast enough to do so before you run out of mana, but a great way to commute and avoid getting attacked.

Blood drinker - the buff is great, i won't throw up numbers, but it's a good buff. The duration is brutal, and since it has to be a humanoid is even more stressful to keep it up. I have a hard time keeping it up all that much because the duration is so short. The actual damage from bite is inconsequential because of the unbalance after, but the unbalance is needed to avoid the drainin part being abused. I would rather it do no damage and provide a buff, but for longer, or something, I don't know, not too bad overall though, just hard to keep up

Cloak of shadows - probably one of the best combat abilities in the game with assassination, my only gripe is that the dodge benefit should exceed the 40% dodge cap like tumble does

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