The Long Night Of Wolves

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The Long Night Of Wolves

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Low, ominous growls rumble through the Snowy Pine Forest.

Rhojidanis in the nearby village hurry through the streets. A beggar clutches at
a woman's legs, imploring, "Shelter! Please!"

Eerie howls fill the air...

Shayari calls to the Enclave for aid.

Shayari guild shouts 'Wilders, the balance is disturbed in the Snow Pine Forest. i
call for your aid to restore it.'

Shayari guild shouts 'Prepare your weapons, for there is hunting to do.'

A confident male voice guild shouts 'I will lend my hand!'

A loud male voice guild shouts 'Gobo will be there'

Shayari guild shouts 'Come to the Rhojidan village, just outside the forest'

A booming male voice guild shouts 'as Farwarden, I'd be remiss to not lend my

A soft female voice guild shouts 'Can we not let this imbalance snack on a few more Rhojidani first?'

Guild Master Eryn guild shouts 'We come to you Shayari'

From near and far, the wild folk of the Enclave gather.

On the Road in Rhojidan Village
Obvious Exits: North East South
There is a sign here. (READ SIGN)
Heroes Here: Melbere Kyroku Kyroku
Kyroku Kyroku Rikis
Kiba Eryn Gobo

Melbere says 'What'n Underworld's goin on 'ere? Thought I'd getta brew 'n
erryone's all here.'

Rhojidani villagers hide while others stand nervously by, eyeing the diverse
group of Wilders.

Xani says 'Wise to watch our prey, isn't it? See how they stalk, see how they
bite, see how Rhojidani bones crunch in the night?'

Shayari says to Melbere, 'You may stay if you wish, but I warn you it will be

Eryn says 'The Wilders hunt.'

Eryn grins a broad grin which bares her tusks.

Rikis says 'Led by the Oracle no less. Truly a sight to behold'

Melbere says to Shayari, 'Ye think ey'm just gonna let some nature-breakers ruin
village-days? Nay, nay.'

Xani grumbles but falls in line. Those are fine tusks indeed.

Shayari says 'Thank you all for coming. There is a dangerous situation here, so I
will speak plainly.'

Eryn says to Shayari, 'What have you seen Shayari?'

Shayari says 'A foul magic, or perhaps magic gone wrong, has tainted the forest. Many
of the wolves have become maddened beasts.'

Gobo scurries into the corner of the room and begins to nervously chew on an

Shayari says 'They attack everything. They kill for no reason, and certainly not for
food. i have witnessed them attacking animals that are not their prey. They have
begun straying into the nearby village, and I think i do not need to describe to
you the fear and chaos there.'

Rikis takes a moment to ponder the situation.

Ulias nods in silent agreement

Shayari says 'I believe I have found the source. I can show you, but we need to clear
the area of wolves.'

Eryn frowns.

Kyroku sits quietly upon his camel, listening attentively.

Ulias looks surprised, "You have found it? The source? This is both well and

Kyroku says 'of what nature, do you think, is the source?'

Shayari thinks, "Hmm..."

Shayari says 'It is magical, though more than that I'm not sure'

Kyroku nods.

Rikis says 'My martial prowess as the Astral Hand is yours to command, Path

Gobo nods, spits out an apple core, and draws his crossbow.

Shayari says to Kiba, 'I know this may ditsress you, but I believe it is the only

Kiba nods toward Shayari.

Eryn says 'I am glad of your scouting abilities Shayari. We follow your lead.'

Shayari says 'Then we hunt'

Eryn nods.

Eryn lets out a loud war cry.

Eryn cracks her knuckles.

Ulias cracks his knuckles.

Shayari leads the group into the forest.

As the group treks deeper into the snowy wood, the howls all around become
louder and louder.

The Wilders approach a large monolith deep in the snow-covered forest.

Near a Huge Monolith in the Snow-covered Forest
You are traveling along a narrow path as it winds through the snow-covered
woods. Thick brown tree trunks seem to be stacked closely together for miles in
every direction. The tree branches overhead create a canopy high above that
blocks any view of the sky. A huge, grey stone monolith is jutting out of the
center of the ground, surrounded by a mystical blue glow.
Obvious Exits: North Southwest
Heroes Here: Kiba Eryn Gobo
Kyroku Kyroku Kyroku
Kyroku Rikis Xani
An Enchanted Milestone no longer needs your help.

Suddenly, the group is beset on all sides by a pack of rabid snow wolves!

Rikis and Ulias wade into the fray, demonstrating their martial prowess. The others rain arrows and spells down onto the pack. Many beast companions arrive at the call of their Wilder masters, diving into battle as
well. The fighting is fierce, but the wolves are dealt with easily enough.

Xani cackles with mad glee!

Shayari says 'Keep your eyes open'

Ulias's eyes dart around

Gobo eyes bulge as his head swivels from side to side.

The group only has a brief rest before more wolves charge in.

Wolf after wolf is slain, and more and more arrive.

Eryn scans the room, checking each person.

Xani laughs heartily.

Xani, a mere whelp, unleashes a volley of arrows from the trees, as the martial
artist Ulias lands devastating blow after blow. All of the chaos swept up in
elemental magics cast by Eryn.

Eryn says 'How is everyone?'

Each Wilder responds in the affirmative. They are strong in the face of this onslaught. As the fighting continues, more Wilders arrive to join their fellows.

The battle drags on. Countless wolves are slain, but there are always more to thake their place. The group takes what rest they can, but the full strangeness of these wolves is beginning to dawn on them.

Shayari looks around carefully

Ulias glances around warily

Rikis says 'My fists fall on them like endless stars, yet they are relentless!'

Xani says 'Doomed to shatter in our sacred groves!'

Melbere says 'Any'ah ye bit or claw'd? 'Iss ain't natural.'

Ulias nods toward Melbere.

Shayari says 'Not natural indeed'

Xani scurries up behind Rikis and whispers, 'I have counted the stars and these
are fewer.'

Ulias says 'yes, something is very wrong'

Gobo says 'Gobo can do this all day.'

Eryn says 'It is as I feared.'

Serrlin says 'I'm not sure what sent them here but they aren't like any wolves I

The goblin Gobo rapidly fires arrow after arrow from the trees, while the swift
Kyroku Quajin-tse narrowly saves Ulias from the maw of a pouncing wolf.

During a moment of quiet, Rikis observes 'This is not nearly a single pack that has been affected'

As the wolves are reduced in numbers, a much larger beast looms atop a
snow-covered hill overlooking the battle.

A Rabid Snow Wolf Alpha runs in.

Several more of the larger wolves arrive and descend upon the group in a pack.

Rikis gasps in astonishment.

Melbere exclaims 'Watch'it!'

The beasts seem to grow in both size and numbers!

Ulias says 'what madness is this!?'

Kyroku howls.

Eryn says 'Fell forces indeed.'

The heroes throw their strength into the fight, struggling against the piercing howls and snapping jaws all around them. At last, the larger wolves are slain!

Melbere drops to the floor and starts panting.

Ulias drops to the floor and starts panting.

Shayari stretches her aching hands

Xani cackles with mad glee!

Eryn casts her eyes over every wilder. Checking.

Melbere says to Ulias, 'Eesh, "wrong". Try "under-spawn".'

Gobo lowers his crossbow and flexes his fingers as he draws more bolts from his

Melbere pries himself from the floor.

Eryn says 'All well?'

Shayari says 'That was the alphas. I wonder...'

Gobo says 'Gobo can't believe how many of these there are.'

Ulias says between panting breaths, "What in the name of the Three..."

Serrlin says to Eryn, 'Oracle, what are those things?'

Xani wonders 'How many hunts and how many kills to build such jaws?'

Eryn says to Serrlin, 'I know not.'

Rikis, Kyroku, and the other magic users continue preparing spells.

Just as the quiet settles in..more howls in over the hills!

Even more fierce as the waves continue, the rabid beasts seem relentless in
their assault on the Wilders.

The Wilders fight on nonetheless.

Eryn bares her tusks in disdain.

Gobo screams as the last alpha drops.

Serrlin raises a hand from his fire steed as the last alpha drops

A Forest Logger walks to the southwest.

Ulias mutters, "Cowardly logger..."

Kyroku begins levitating wolf corpses into a large pile.

They have barely a moment to catch their breaths before mor wolves stream in. Bows are grabbed up and drawn once again.

Shayari lets out an angry growl.

The last of the latest wave is slain, but the battle has claimed Ulias's life.

Gobo claims a pelt for a prize.

Shayari says 'Can anyone here tend to Ulias?'

Xani says 'Yes! Much practice I have.'

Shayari nods at Xani.

Xani runs up to Ulias and begins shooing him. 'Away with you! Begone, ghost!'

Eryn lets out a deep sigh.

Eryn looks at Xani, then puts her face in her hands and sighs.

Gobo snickers.

Dhrol guards over Ulias body.

Melbere says to Rikis, 'You! Portal-boy! Can ye open one somewhere with dust?'

Rikis snaps 'Portal boy?'

Rikis says 'Don't call me 'boy', I am your elder and not something a wolf could
confuse for a snack'

Xani says 'Onto the next life! Maybe you'll have sharper teeth next time!'

Eryn bares her tusks at Xani.

Eryn says 'Stop.'

Xani immediately stoops, and skitters off, muttering.

Rikis conjures a portal to a distant location.

The Wilders casually banter, surrounded by dead wolves, as the beasts seem to
have slowed for a moment.

Melbere says to Rikis, 'Arright-en youngy, does "superior" werk?'

Rikis says 'Know your place, student'

Serrlin looks over his friends and Wilders then smiles. "I'd rather be here
fighting with you than drinking in a tavern. Or, practicing my magic"

Eryn pats Serrlin on the back.

Eryn moves to stand beside Rikis.

Gobo furiously packs away his new pelt and exchanges it for an apple in his
pack. With practiced ease, he begins chomping away...

Eryn says to Melbere, 'you have your portal.'

Melbere steps through the portal and back in an instant.

Gobo sits next to the corpse of ulias as he eats, waiting for someone to assist.

Kyroku sends his falcon into the air.

Eryn watches at Kyroku's falcon soars away into the forest.

Melbere chants strange words and gestures magically with his hand...

Melbere continues chanting as he sprinkles his Aged Soul Dust over
Ulias, who is suddenly bathed in a brilliant, golden light!
Ulias has been resurrected!!

Ulias gasps a great breath of air

Melbere says to Ulias, 'Good-as new, eh?'

Ulias says 'thank you.. thank you...'

The Scholar Melbere has accompanied the Wilders, even saving the soul of Ulias
from the Underworld with a divine incantation.

The Wilders welcome their companion back and praise Melbere for his good work.

A howl echoes through the trees...then another.......another another...

Melbere says 'Be more careful, eh? 'Ainta place to be... ah damn.'

Xani says to Melbere, 'Ghost-caller, you'd best be prepared.'

Gobo reloads his crossbow, resigned to another round of fighting.

Gobo says 'Gobo doesn't think he can come back so easily.'

The group prepares their weapons and spells once again.

Rikis cracks his knuckles.

Yet another pack of alphas descends upon the Wilders!

This time, Melbere, Dhrol, and Serrlin are slain in the fierce battle.

The remaining Wilders fight on with savage vengeance!

Once more, the howling pack of wolves is defeated, and the Wilders regroup.

Xani cackles with mad glee!

Shayari lets out an angry growl.

Kyroku frowns.

Xani looks to Eryn, then glances back at all those pesky ghosts!

Rikis says 'We won't be able to outlast their assaults if they continue on like

Eryn watches Xani, eyes glinting.

Xani responds with puppy dog eyes and backs away slowly.

Shayari says 'I did not think it would be nearly this bad'

Kiba says 'I can soul summon'

Gobo drops to a pant, gasping for air, as fatigued hands reload once more.

Eryn pats Gobo on the back.

Melbere coughs his own blood onto the red snow.

The ground rumbles, snow falls free from the trees nearby as they shake, and a
large shadow looms in the distance...

Melbere says ''Aint dead, heh.'

Gobo says 'Gobo didn't realize how many wolves were here.'

Eryn raises her weary head

One by one, the fallen Wilders return from the underworld to face the next threat.

Rikis says 'This does not bode well'

Kyroku says 'tell us, trees, what evil approaches?'

Gobo grumbles 'Gobo thinks that big army should have died for this. Not us.'

A deep, unearthly howl is heard, as the ground shakes again and again.

Xani says to Rikis, 'It is a very good day for terrible news.'

Eryn says to Gobo, 'the balance is ours to defend.'

Something very large approaches through the snowy darkness of the forest.

Serrlin looks around then glances to Eryn

Ulias says 'the wilderness is our domain'

Eryn says to Gobo, 'have heart.'

Eryn lets out an angry growl.

Eryn says 'Wilders! Today we hunt large prey!'

A few smaller wolves begin to trail into the area as the ground shakes with
greater and greater force.

Ulias says 'this approaching presence.. is this the cause of this madness?'

Eryn stands at Shayari's shoulder.

Eryn tries to ask Shayari more about the source, but is drowned out by a deafening roar. Shayari shakes her head and shouts 'Must show you when this is done'

Gobo backs away towards the edge of the clearing. "Gobo will fight from here,
this time."

Eryn readies herself.

Eryn says 'We stand!'

Ulias nods his head and says, "Ready."

Dhrol flexes his muscles, trying to look big and strong.

Serrlin says 'I fight with my Wilders'

Melbere covers his ears in pain. 'Augh, keep'it down!'

Xani sighs and finally takes pity on the poor elf that keeps dying. She scampers
over to Ulias and holds up her weapon. 'This. Is. A. Bow.'

Kyroku uses his silence spell to soften the roars.

A great, massive snow wolf, of a size and strength unlike anything the Wilders
have seen crashes through the trees!

Ulias gapes in shock for a moment

It lets out a fearsome howl, panicking many of the Wilders. Rikis grits his teeth and fights on, and the rest soon rally to him.

Eryn tries to position herself and her wall of ice before the giant wolf.

As they rain fist, spell, arrow, and bolt onto the monstrous wolf, alphas and smaller wolves pour in.

The remarkable beast seems to regenerate its own flesh, growing even larger in

Rikis shouts 'This is testing our mettle Wilders!'

The powerful Wilders fight with steel and spell, fist and feet. As their beast
companions die, many are replaced as the masters of the wild tame the very snow
wolves attacking!

Wolf after wolf is slain. Some even begin to flee into the surrounding woods!

The giant among them finally begins to stumble with weakness, as the Heroes land
blow after devastating blow.

Rikis, Farwarden of the Wild Enclave, charges forward into the face of the giant, hammering relentlessly with his fists. Strike after strike, the energy within him builds, until a powerful shockwave erupts from his hands, slamming into the beast. With a great roar, it topples and crashes to the ground. The nearby trees tremble with the impact, but the wolf moves no more.

Melbere wipes his brow, looks at Rikis and says, "Phew..."

The Wilders quickly dispatch the remaining wolves. Most flee into the surrounding forest before their wrath.

Eryn crouches and breathes heavily.

Eryn raises her head to look to Shayari.

Kiba and the goblins scavenge many pelts and meats from the wolf corpses.

Rikis raises a quizzical eyebrow at Kiba.

Kiba blurts out a flustered, "Oops!"

Rikis says 'You were not the only wilder to participate in battle, perhaps leave
some of the pelts for the rest of the brave combatants?'

Xani, who resembles a moving bundle of pelts with a goblin concealed underneath it, says to Kiba, 'Greedy priest.'

Melbere, who has had to bring Ulias back to the living several times during the battle fusses over his disappearance. The stealthy elf shows himself, to the relief of many.

Serrlin says 'If you make me worry yoou get kicked by my horse, you understand

Ulias feels aorund his body"I can still feel the teeth."

Shayari says 'Something tells me that was the last of them'

Serrlin says 'I hope so. I hope that was the last wolf. I never want to see a
rabid wolf at all aggain'

Gobo says 'Gobo won't sleep for days.'

Serrlin is sitting up on his fire steed watching it all, the horse pawing at the
ground. Serrlin's staring at the trees

Rikis takes a moment to ponder the situation.

Rikis says 'Was it an infection?'

Shayari says 'An infection, yes. Or something like it'

Eryn says to Shayari, 'Your scouting was excellent.'

Eryn says to Shayari, 'You found something more?'

Shayari says 'Come to the monoloith'

Gobo says 'Gobo has never seen such a big fight.'

Gobo says 'It's over now, right?'

Eryn squeezes Gobo's shoulder in comfort.

Exhausted but victorious, the gathering regroups.
Shayari brings their attention to a grey monolith standing along one of the
forest paths.

At the base of the monolith, a frozen corpse lies face up, its eyes glowing a
sickly green. Symbols are marked in a ring around the body and the grey stone.
Within the circle, the earth is entirely blackened. A low, discordant hum, more
felt than heard, emanates from the area.

Rikis approaches the monolith.

Ulias gasps in astonishment.

Eryn walks close to survey the scene.

Ulias says 'oh... oh no. That is not good at all...'

Xani points accusingly. 'There! The evil spirit! Raise the stink!'

Kiba stands back expecting the worse.

Xani begins burning something that smells unSPEAKably foul.

Eryn grips xani firmly by the shoulder.

Eryn says 'Stop!'

Xani tosses the burning fetish into the snow.

Serrlin stares at the monolith but stays atop the nightmare

Gobo rolls around in the snow in an attempt to get the blood off of his body.

Shayari says 'This is the source I spoke of. I am not knowledgeable enough in magic
to understand it, but I would like to try a cleansing ritual on this place.'

Melbere says 'Well, 'iss looks lik' a job fer the 'clavers. Uli, Dhro, stay
safe, yeh?'

Melbere takes his leave while Shayari begins the preparations for the ritual.

Shayari sprinkles herbs around the blackened circle. Taking a handful of snow,
she drops it onto the chest of the corpse.

Rikis steps back from the grizzly sight.

Enclavers form a ring and begin to chant.

Shayari takes a few snow lilies and an owl's feather from her pack, also
dropping them on the body.

Lastly, she slices her palm with a dagger and holds her hand over the circle,
letting the blood drip and pool on the ground.

The chanting grows louder.

An enclaver steps forward and begins handing out sticks of incense.

Shayari waves her incense in time to the chanting and inhales deeply.

Kiba waves the incense around

Xani sniffs the incense, but doesn't get the big deal.

Snow flakes swirl in the growing wind.

The smells of the forest grow sharp and intense.

Eryn chants.

A chorus of howls, as from the throats of a hundred wolves.

Ulias closes his eyes as he chants, his eyelids fluttering.

Serrlin carries on chanting while watching the ritual with a nod.

A blinding white light!


The body is gone.

Dhrol slowly kneels.

Small green schutes begin to poke from the dead earth until only a faint outline
of the circle remains.

A lone wolf appears silently before the gathered Enclavers and gazes calmly at
them. It tilts its head back, exposing its throat, then turns and vanishes into
the trees.

Kiba grins knowingly

Eryn watches the ground and then Shayari, evidently impressed.

Shayari says with relief 'I wasn't certain it would work'

Eryn says to Shayari, 'That was remarkable.'

Eryn says to Shayari, 'You have done us extremely proud today.'

Ulias says 'only the body is gone, only time will truly tell if it has workd.'

Ulias says 'but yes, very well done'

Serrlin says 'It did work, didn't it? Death magic's not my speciality. I am
better with evocative magic'

The Enclavers ponder the wild phenomenon, many discuss the bloody battle they
narrowly survived.

Gobo says 'Gobo can't wait to go home. He is sooo tired.'

Shayari smiles exhaustedly

Kiba says 'same here'

Ulias looks towards the monolith with a troubled look, "I doub The placement
of that was an accident."

Ulias says 'the body.. I mean.'

Xani says 'Necromancers!'

Xani shrugs as if to say, what can you do?

Serrlin slides (finally) off his nightmare and lands in the snow staring at the

Ulias nods gravely towards Xani

Rikis says 'Necromancy in and of itself is not evil'

Ulias says 'power rarely is, it is what is done with it that makes it good or

Serrlin says 'Nor is magic in itself, Farwarden. it's how you use it. That's
like saying goblins are evil. No. Gobo's not evil'

Eryn says to Shayari, 'You are to be honoured amongst us for what has happened

Shayari bows her head humbly to Eryn

Shayari, Path Seeker is commended by the Oracle of the Wild Enclave, Eryn.

On Day 6 of Shadows of Wings in the Year 815, Shayari has been promoted to

The clan erupt in a storm of applause as Shayari is promoted to her new rank!

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