Suggestions for minor changes and bug fixes

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Suggestions for minor changes and bug fixes

#1 Post by fylnor » Mon May 11, 2020 3:23 pm

I have been playing this game for a while now and have come across various minor elements that, perhaps, could use a tweak or bug fix. Below is list of suggestions for such minor changes and fixes.
The common denomitor is; they are, probably, easy to implement and they should increase player experience without changing overall game balance.
Some of the suggestions might be unneccesary if the skill overhaul is close to implementation.

1) Perhaps increase the time before an area reaches maximum spawnrate. The current spawn rate works well for high-level characters with area-effect spells and ice-wall, as it increases xp per minute gain. A lower level character though might quickly be overwhelmed by too many mobs and be forced to flee the area.

2) When exploring the lava tunnels with the flying eye spell, the player who cast the spell, receives damage if the flying eye enters a room with that gives area damage. I guessing that this effect is a bug.

3) Alchemy flasks only stack when you use the sort command, otherwise they do not. They should stack similar to other stackable items.

4) Allow having more than one guild recall item at a time and make them stackable. Right now a player can only have one guild recall item at a time.

5) Add more staff options for the university. Right now there's only one staff option at each university equipment shop. Spellcasters are a diverse bunch though and should be able to buy a staff that fits their build and character. For instance a fire mage should be able to buy a magic staff that does fire damage.

6) Add better university familiar options at level 100. Right now there are no familiar options at level 100 that grant spell power, which means most hight-level people end up using a level 60 familiar even though when they themselves are level 100+

7) Increase the duration of the cyclone spell. Right now the duration is 2 min, which is very short compared to other spells. It is good and useful spell, but having to recast it every 2 min is just annoying. Maybe let the duration be dependable on skill rank, like many other spells are.

8) Increase the duration of the mana shield spell from 30 min to an 1 hour. Recasting the mana shield spell about every 30 min or losing it in the middle of long fight because the spell ends, doesn't add much to the game experience. It is just another thing to keep track of.

9) Increase the duration of spells gained from monsters using the steal magic spell, in order to make steal magic more useful. Maybe increase the duration from the current 2 min to 3 min.

10) Add more options for drinkable items. At the moment, contemplative drink is the only effect available and it gives +10% mana. Maybe add drinks with other effects or maybe just add an effect that is more useful to characters using physical damage.

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