Character Development: Styles

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Character Development: Styles

#1 Post by Code » Sun Jun 07, 2020 8:12 pm

This new system hearkens back to an older idea we had when Asteria was first in development. Our goal is to provide a way for players to customize their characters while offering a lot of flexibility. With styles, characters will learn and train in different styles that they'll then be able to choose among for their kit. Players will have the flexibility to switch among their trained styles within a safe environment (this means an inn, training area, or player's home).

What are styles?
Styles are unique sets of abilities and spells that provide players with different means of exploring, hunting, and progressing. Each style consists of 8-12 active abilities, 1-2 support abilities, and 1-2 reactionary abilities. Once you have access to a specific style, you'll be able to spend experience to increase the overall style as well as the individual abilities. Styles also provide a bonus to various stats that fit the theme. There is no limit to the number of styles a character can learn, however only 2 styles (plus a guild style) can be active at any giving time.

How does this work?
Characters have a primary style, secondary style, guild style, 3 support slots, and 1 reactionary slot.
Primary Style - Determines your overall stat distribution and active abilities.
Secondary Style - Provides an additional set of active abilities.
Guild Style - Provides an additional set of active/passive abilities specific to the guild.
Innate Support (1) - Each style has an innate support ability that is automatically set based on your primary style.
Support (2) - These are specific abilities that provide passive bonuses. These abilities do NOT have to be from the primary/secondary styles currently set.
Reaction (1) - An ability that activates automatically based on a set trigger. An example would be Dodge, Block, or Parry. This does NOT have to be from the primary/secondary styles currently set.

Switching out your styles and abilities requires being in a safe place, i.e. inn, player home, or training area. While this allows you the flexibility to switch between your learned styles, it does not allow for instant swapping while out in the field.

Experience is earned as before, though modified slightly. Quests/missions/exploration earn global experience. Global experience is safe (meaning death penalties do not apply). Style experience is earned through killing monsters, healing, and other combat activities. You earn style experience for your primary and secondary styles selected. You are able to spend experience in order to improve styles overall as well as learn new and improve abilities/spells. 60% of the cost must come from the specific style's experience; the remaining comes from the global experience.

Final Thoughts
As part of this revamp, levels will be going away. A character's advancement is tied directly to their styles and how powerful those styles are. There is no limit to how far a style can be increased, however there is an exponential cost along with diminishing returns. With this new system, players will have the opportunity to specialize if they wish (only sticking with 2 styles) or become more flexible by developing multiple styles. I believe this also provides an interesting alternative to common remort and "use to improve" systems without the drawbacks. I'll follow this up with additional and more detailed information, including the changes happening to combat.

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Re: Character Development: Styles

#2 Post by Rikis » Mon Jun 08, 2020 12:00 am

As hard as it is to believe, I am more of a fantasy, concept, "feel" person rather than a number crunching min/maxer so my greatest concerns are being able to fit some of the concepts I've created.

For example, Rikis was my wandering mystical monk kind of character. And Hamona was my vampire rogue, and Quellious was my boring paladin that was mostly made thinking that Mana Shield would make for an acceptable substitute shield (it isn't) back before University got weapons that were also cast foci. So since I'm sure this is probably too early to talk about (way too early for example to give us ideas of possible styles with their abilities).

I will say, maybe don't shoot for so many active abilities? If each style gives for example 5 and we can have two styles active at once that's at least 10 active abilities to use. Not to mention that the guilds will also be giving even more active abilities. I think it'd make it easier for you, Greg as well. I know as it currently stands, with Rikis, Quellious, and Hamona I basically used at most 3-4 abilities in combat and then a few buffs. This does sound like other MMOs I've played and it does make me excited to try out.

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