RP Event Log 6/11/19 - Appointment of High Sage Astrum Ersatra

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RP Event Log 6/11/19 - Appointment of High Sage Astrum Ersatra

#1 Post by Arcades » Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:04 am

OOC: Hello all! I just wanted to post a log of the event we had on 6/11/19 to name Astrum as University GM. I did my best to edit it and make it a little more readable. Sorry if I missed anything. I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped with the event and also to those who just came to watch. We are just getting started and we already have some very talented and helpful RPers. I'm looking forward to more events. And, congrats to Astrum! :D Enjoy! -Arcades

Day 24 of Winds Unleashed in the Year 807...

Astrum shouts 'The pain! I cannot endure this pain... and these visions! I see Elves dying. Burning. Screaming! '

Astrum shouts 'No more!'

Astrum shouts 'It is I, Astrum, student of the University of Arcana. The healer of the wilds... no, the one called Madman. Can you hear my call? I am in desperate need of your help for the physicians of Kalmyr cannot aid me in this affliction. Please hear me!'

Sanibak shouts 'Astrum, your cries have been heard. Present yourself at the gates of Rhojidan'

The Lich Sanibak, Jeleb, the Wild's Madman, and Astrum Ersatra, Arcane Scholar of Kalmyr, all meet at the Gates of Rhojidan...

Astrum says 'It is good to see you again, Sanibak. Though I wish it were under better circumstances. '

Sanibak says 'I did not fully introduce myself last we met in Hessa. I am Sanibak, but I am also a member of the Sinshade family. I have heard some commotion that you require further aid. What is the matter?'

Astrum says 'Madman, I know you are a healer of great power. I have been having terrible visions. Nightmares. Headaches. Please - can you help? '

Jeleb says 'Yes yes, pleasantries.'

Jeleb says 'Now what did i hear about burning and mayhem?'

Jeleb cackles with mad glee!

Jeleb sits.

Astrum says 'It is good to see you again, Sanibak. Though I wish it were under better circumstances. '

Sanibak says 'I did not fully introduce myself last we met in Hessa. I am Sanibak, but I am also a member of the Sinshade family. I have heard some commotion that you require further aid. What is the matter?'

Astrum says 'Madman, I know you are a healer of great power. I have been having terrible visions. Nightmares. Headaches. Please - can you help? '

Jeleb nods.

Astrum says 'All of that and more, Sanibak.'

Jeleb says 'I am familiar with the ailments, Astrum.'

Jeleb takes a moment to ponder the situation.

Jeleb says 'I can peer into the your soul and see if perhaps there is something there...?'

Jeleb says 'Sit down'

Astrum says 'Peer into whatever you like, just make it -end-. '

Astrum nods.

Astrum sits.

Jeleb stands up.

The Wild's Madman lays out several strange objects on the ground...pondering each.

Jeleb drops a Patch of Grey Skin.
Jeleb drops a Mana Dust.
Jeleb drops a Spectral Dust.

Jeleb takes a moment to ponder the situation.

Akabin arrives from the south.

Sanibak smiles warmly as he greets Akabin.

Jeleb slings his Hollowheart Longbow across his back.

Jeleb gestures magically with his hand...

Astrum says 'What are these things, Madman?'

Jeleb says 'Silence fool. I am at works!'

Jeleb winks knowingly at Astrum.

Astrum says 'Ah... yes, of course. Apologies, wild one. '

Astrum stands by, at times placing a hand to his head in agony.

Jeleb says 'Ahh...yes.'

Jeleb says 'A ghost haunts your very essence, elf. A haunting by the one they call Kalmyr! Namesake of your beloved city...'

Jeleb says 'I cannot do more.'

Jeleb shakes his head.

Astrum says 'A haunting?'

Astrum says 'Kalmyr?!'

The Madman talks of a ghost haunting the elf, Astrum. The spirit is identified as Kalmyr!

Jeleb says 'A soul that determined and desperate to reach you can only be calmed by strong blood magic.'

Astrum says 'Whatever can I do to be rid of these visions? What does he wish from me? Can it really be, Kalmyr?'

Astrum says 'Blood magic. But that requires blood. Who's blood? Mine? '

Astrum stands up.

Sanibak says 'An elven ghost, a haunting, blood, and suffering. Now I understand why you came to Rhojidan looking for aid.'

The gate to the north opens.

Raissa arrives from the north mounted on a brown horse.

Jeleb says 'Perhaps, maybe, mayhaps. You require an expert. Where oh where can we find such an individual. kekekeke'

Raissa moves her Iron Dagger to her left hand.

Sanibak chuckles merrily.

Astrum says 'Sanibak... you helped me once before. Can you help me in this? '

Jeleb sits.

Astrum gives Raissa a warm smile.

Astrum says 'Thank you for coming. '

Raissa nods toward Astrum.

Sanibak says 'Yes, I believe I can help you, and doing so will be a more costly debt than accepting some gold from the Sinshade. You understand?'

To communicate with Kalmyr, the Madman informs Astrum, the aid of the Wild is not enough. Only blood magic can allow them to cross such a divide...In his desperation, Astrum contacts Sanibak, a feared elder Lich of the Sinshade Family, who informs the elf that while aid is available, it will be far more costly than a common debt of gold to the Sinshade...

Jeleb takes a moment to ponder the situation.

Jeleb stands up.

Astrum says 'I...'

Astrum says 'I understand.'

Sanibak says 'Very well. We will go to a more appropriate place, and any allies of yours are welcome to join. Of course, if I can summon this spirit of Kalmyr I cannot guarantee the safety of any but Astrum.'

Astrum says 'I do not expect any of you to accompany me in this, but you may, if you wish. '

Sanibak says 'Even then... I only offer to summon this spirit. I do not promise a binding or protection from its wrath if it decides your life is forfeit.'

Sanibak says 'Then again, you appear to be suffering, so maybe you would welcome such a release.'

Astrum says 'My life is already forfeit. If I do not see what this spirit wants. whether it's the spirit of Kalmyr or some foul demon, I might as well be dead. '

Sanibak chants strange words and gestures magically with his hand...

Astrum says 'But you need blood, yes? Will you take my blood for this ritual? '

Sanibak says 'I will require some relic with a connection to Kalmyr. Do you have such a thing for me? If so, you appear to have a connection to this spirit. It has chosen to haunt you for a reason. Give me this object and we will see about your blood.'

Astrum says 'I've never seen such a thing! Sanibak, the Elf you speak of hasn't been seen for hundreds of years, and if he's haunting me, he probably -died- hundreds of years ago!'

Sanibak tells the elf of a unique connection to the spirit of Kalmyr. However, to fully harness the power, and, to safely preserve Astrum's own soul, they will need a relic belonging to the legendary wizard.

Astrum says 'Must I bring you such a thing, really? '

Sanibak shrugs his shoulders with indifference.

Sanibak says 'I can try with you alone, but it would be best if you have some item with a connection to this spirit. Otherwise, it may be your soul that I conjure rather than this spirit. Assuming you wish to continue your mortal existence, you might wish to hold onto your soul...'

Astrum says 'The University. The University of Arcana must have something that belonged to him.'

Astrum says 'Wait here!'

Astrum says 'Yes, here it is. I knew this would come in handy.'

Astrum unpacks his Scroll of Return.

Sanibak says 'Perhaps, if it is any place it would be in Kalmyr'

Astrum nods.

Astrum says 'Surely it must be.'

Astrum reads his Scroll of Return.

Astrum leaves in a swirling mist.

Jeleb rides to the north, the big green turtle lumbering along.

Astrum, now in the offices of the High Sage at the University of Arcana, tears through the room like an Elf possessed. Chairs, scrolls, and dusty tomes lay strewn about the floor in various states of disarray. Desperate, Astrum pauses to take in his surroundings. Out of the corner of his eye, an unusual object catches his attention.

Drawn to it, whether by fate or sheer luck, the young Elf finds himself holding an odd-looking inkwell. A gemstone stopper sits atop a crystal bottle that must have been crafted from a finely cut crystal. Inside it is a red substance periodically emanating auras of purple and blue.

Closing his fist tightly around the inkwell, Astrum begins running down the many stairwells of the Tower, heading for the last place he wishes to be, but the only place he can go if he wants to survive: the ebony city of Rhojidan…

Astrum arrives from the south.

Jeleb chuckles merrily.

Jeleb says 'Ah, the elf! '

Astrum says 'I... I think...'

Astrum says 'I think I found something.'

Astrum says 'Sanibak... will this do?'

Astrum drops the Blood of Kalmyr.

Sanibak picks up the Blood of Kalmyr and puts it in his backpack.

Astrum nods toward Jeleb.

Astrum says 'Hello, Madman. Thank you for getting me this far...'

Sanibak says 'I can sense a connection between you and the blood within this inkwell.'

Sanibak says 'I believe this will do, although I cannot tell what this spirit wants of you.'

Jeleb sits.

Astrum says 'Let's... get on with it, then. '

Astrum says 'I cannot last much longer. '

Sanibak says 'The sun is rising, so let's move to a more suitable location before we miss the opportune time to summon the spirit.'

Sanibak chants strange words and gestures magically with his hand...

Astrum nods.

Sanibak conjures a portal to a distant location.

Sanibak says 'Enter the portal after me'

Sanibak steps into the portal...

Astrum steps into the portal...

Astrum returns to the Lich Sanibak and hands him the blood-filled relic. With the sun rising, Sanibak informs all present that they must travel to another, more suitable location. With a brief incantation and a wave of his hand, the Lich opens a portal to the Graveyard of Rhojidan…

Raissa arrives from the portal...

Akabin arrives from the portal...

Jeleb arrives from the portal...

Astrum says 'You didn't have to come. I thank you.'

Raissa says 'Yes, I did.'

Sanibak says 'I see your friends, allies, or the merely curious have chosen to join.'

Sanibak nods.

Sanibak says 'Stand back'

Jeleb coughs.

Sanibak says 'You have offered to bleed, Astrum. So bleed for us next to the stone. Try not to spatter the inkwell. I imagine the University will want it back unsoiled.'

Astrum says 'Bleed on it. Fine then. '

Astrum says 'Does anyone have a dagger?'

Citizens of Rhojidan begin to gather within the cemetery, watching the ritual with great interest from a safe distance. Sanibak tells the scholar that his blood will be required as well. A half-elf, Raissa, steps forward, unsheaths a dagger, casually spinning it in her hand before giving it to the ailing Astrum.

Astrum says 'Thank you, Raissa. '

Astrum slides his Ivory Staff of Study over his right shoulder.

Astrum cuts the palm of his hand and blood begins to drip onto the ground. Sanibak produces a soulstone and holds it beneath the fresh wound. The Lich then chants words of power, and the sky begins to darken over Rhojidan. Dark red clouds appear and begin to draw down toward the city.

Astrum says 'It is done. '

Galdren rides from the west on an undead beast as it pads along.

Galdren says 'Not sure what you all are planning, but subtle this is not.'

Sanibak says 'Spirit! By blood, yours and Astrum's, I summon you to appear and speak to us! Tell us what you want, and put this poor elf out of his misery.'

Astrum says 'Or let me live. That would be fine with me too.'

A great rumbling shakes the land and the sound of a thousand souls screaming can be heard from the city of Rhojidan...

Astrum says 'Lich. What comes before us?'

The Spirit of Kalmyr, manifested by the Lich's blood magic, finally speaks:
"The one named Astrum has heeded my call. From this realm of spirits, I have foreseen a great evil descending upon my people. It has yet to be revealed to me when or why, but the Elves of Kalmyr are in danger. Only the unified force of Arcana can halt this darkness, and one of great fortitude must lead them to salvation..."

There is a flash of lightning and a rumble of thunder, then the spirit continues: "I have foreseen that this one is the Elf standing before me now. I name you, Astrum, the High Sage of the University of Arcana."

Astrum shouts 'High Sage... but I am only a student! How will I lead the Elves to salvation?'

Astrum shouts 'But I must! I have seen what will befall my people. If you will it, Kalmyr, I shall do as you say!'

As the elven scholar accepts the charge, the clouds begin to disperse, and the Spirit of Kalmyr fades from the realm once more. Archivist and Chronicler Arcades, the interim High Sage, then slowly fades into view…

Legend Arcades shouts 'I never thought I would hear the Spirit of Kalmyr speak in my lifetime. But our beloved founder has spoken, indeed.'

Legend Arcades shouts 'It shall be recorded in the tomes of history. All hail, Astrum Ersatra, High Sage of the University of Arcana!'

Xekxen shouts 'grats Astrum!'

Khelya shouts 'Hail, High Sage!'

Raissa shouts 'Hail, High Sage Astrum!'

On Day 24 of Winds Unleashed in the Year 807, Astrum has been promoted to High Sage!

Astrum says 'Archivist, hello. Forgive me for asking but...'

Astrum says 'What just happened?'

Galdren blinks.

Galdren says 'Well. A good and bad thing.'

Arcades says 'Rumors have lingered in our fair island city for many years, that the Spirit of Kalmyr might arrive and guide us into a new age.’

Sanibak takes a moment to ponder the situation.

Astrum says 'Do you think we'll hear from him again? I cannot do this alone. I need the support of the entire University if we are to prevail. '

Astrum shakes his head.

Astrum says 'I almost wish I -had- been going crazy. '

Sanibak says 'Is there a connection between this danger and the shadow essence I used to conjure the spirit? I felt some resonance between this shadow essence from the darkened shore and the spirit haunting Astrum.'

Arcades says 'I do not claim to understand it all, but the Spirit of Kalmyr has clearly chosen you to be the very guide.'

Astrum picks up the Blood of Kalmyr and puts it in his satchel.

Astrum says 'I suppose he has. '

Galdren says 'We sure he should of picked someone more, sure of what they want to do?'

Arcades says 'While I will retire to my office in the library, and leave the University to you, I remain at your service. And who knows, maybe one day, he'll return again.'

Astrum says 'Would you be sure of what to do in this situation? I must go to the University. I must learn more. '

Astrum says 'Perhaps this is where my studies really begin.'

Arcades nods at Astrum.

Astrum bows flourishingly toward Arcades.

Arcades bows flourishingly toward Astrum.

Astrum says 'I'm sure I'll be seeing you there. '

Arcades says 'Aye, you will.'

Arcades looks at Sanibak, then at Galdren.

Arcades says 'Never get used to seeing a lich up close.'

Arcades shudders with dread.

Galdren says 'Come now, we're mostly friendly.'


----------------------------------[ Legends ]-----------------------------------
Archivist Arcades, Chronicler of Asteria
-----------------------------[ Heroes of Asteria ]------------------------------
Sanibak, Slayer of Everything
High Sage Astrum Ersatra
Jeleb, the Wild's Madman
Sir Galdren, the Lich Knight
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Re: RP Event Log 6/11/19 - Appointment of High Sage Astrum Ersatra

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This was a great event and I had a lot of fun. Thanks to Arcades for running it and everyone else that was involved and attended!
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