The Time We Didn't Even Almost Slay the Goblin King

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The Time We Didn't Even Almost Slay the Goblin King

#1 Post by Arcades » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:38 am

Greetings and Well Met Fellow Adventurers,

Humble wizard Arcades here. Please, pull up a chair and pour yourself… whatever it is you drink, as I have a tale for those who would hear. As a young wizard, this was my first hunting party, and it would be made up of only two. Khellendros, a very large half-ogre, had been petitioning other adventurers for some business on the tropical island south of the mainland. No takers, unfortunately. When I heard that he intended to slay the Goblin King, a creature much more powerful than the both of us combined, I thought to myself…why not?

Khellendros and I met up at the village square in Hessa, purchased supplies and readied ourselves for the journey. After the great trek by horseback down the long, winding Western Drag, we arrived at the southern shores of Alarra. Then, it was a surprisingly smooth swim across to the tropical island, where the goblin village and our target awaited.

Breaching the island’s shores, we immediately came across two very ill-tempered goblins. Knowing the greenskins of the southern isles to be complete savages, we were aware that battle would be our only choice in these lands. While I was able to get off a Slow spell on the first goblin, the half-ogre Khellendros immediately sprang into action as well, hurling toward the snared greenskin. One steel shortsword flailed over the other, as Khellendros sliced and diced through the slow-moving creature with ease. Even with the goblin snared, I noted how remarkably fast Khellendros appeared to be for his size!

While I continued the incantation for a Deathly Chill spell, Khellendros once again acted swiftly, when he thrusted both swords into the chest of the second goblin, then quickly withdrew the blades and returned them to the sheaths at his back. The half-ogre did so before the goblin had fallen dead to the ground, blood pouring from its mouth. Alas! My spell would have to wait for another encounter.

We walked along the sandy path as it curves south, down the northwestern shore of the island, then runs directly east, toward the rolling plains at the center. For some time, as we dashed east and then curved north toward the Goblin King’s village, we met a great many of his minions during our trek through the hills, thankfully one or two at a time. We made quick work of them, leaving red stains of blood on the golden blades of waving sungrass.

There was a foul stench in the air as we approached the southern entrance to the village, smoke drifting through from nearby torches and burning trenches. Near one of the first huts, Khellendros spotted three goblins in a cluster, two of them wearing makeshift metallic armor. The other appeared to be a mystic of some kind. “We may die here,” I told my companion. In response, the half-ogre simply unsheathed his steel short blades and looked straight ahead.

We ran forward, the half-ogre flailing his steel toward the two scrappers, while one of them had already begun to freeze under the effects of my Deathly Chill. Khellendros swung his blades again and again with great skill, landing slice after slice in the heavily armored greenskins. As I began to chant the next spell, I suddenly felt a searing pain shoot through my entire form. In the same instant, a bolt of lightning flashed from above and my knees buckled beneath me. Within a very brief moment, I thought to myself, “The mystic! The fucking mystic!” I had embarrassingly let the green spellslinger slip my mind while we engaged the scrappers, and he made quick work of me indeed.

I awoke sometime later at the central market inn of Rhojidan, still recovering. I learned from the barkeep that Khellendros fought hard and well, only to fall not longer after I had. It may be some time before we return to the Goblin King’s village.

And thus concluded a beautiful, sunny day in the month of Yan’s Delight, on the southern tropical isle, where the elven wizard and the half-ogre warrior stormed the village of the Goblin King, and didn’t even come close to the throne room.


Arcades, Elven Wizard of Kalmyr

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