A Warning to Travelers on the Western Drag

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A Warning to Travelers on the Western Drag

#1 Post by Pythaem » Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:27 am

*A message in common tongue has been intricately carved into a tree off the side of the road known as the Western Drag*

A warning to farmers, merchants and other travelers on the Western Drag. Rogues and bandits have increased in numbers along the main road lately, striking out at vulnerable travelers. Be vigilant, especially when traveling alone. Thankfully, a number of brave and skilled heroes have begun to patrol the highway. Many appear to slaughter these rogues and bandits with ease, before selling the gear to local merchants at a fair price. The Enclave have chosen to join the patrol as well.

*Another message has been carved into the other side of the tree*

A warning to rogues and bandits on the Western Drag. Find another road to pillage, or they'll find your guts all over this one.

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