A Story of Loss, Struggle and Determination

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A Story of Loss, Struggle and Determination

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Myriana was born to a human father and an elven mother. Her father was a dragoon in the Rhojidan, while her mother was a druid from Hessa. Her parents were often apart, as her father often had business in the city but her mother preferred the quiet of the outdoor life and chose to usually remain in Hessa.

Her mother was quite skilled with the bow and encouraged her daughter in this pursuit. One day, while Myriana was still quite young, a raiding party of bandits from the Greywind Pass attacked Hessa. Most of the people were farmers, knowing hardly nothing of combat. Myriana's mother fought to defend her home but she was overrun and killed.

Myriana escaped and hid in the woods, learning what her mother had taught her about edible plants to survive. When her father found her, after hearing the news, they traveled back to Rhojidan. They grieved together and in a way, this loss strengthened the bond between her and her father even more. As she grew, Myriana vowed that one day she would avenge the death of her mother and try and save other hard working people the pain and turmoil she had witnessed.

So she began to train with her father, in the ways of mounted combat. She eventually put aside her bow for larger weapons, as she found she prefered to fight close quarters. Then her father was sent out with a charge to eliminate the zombies of a nearby decaying and corrupt abbey. Myriana feared for him but she had no say in the matter.

Her worst fears were confirmed and she soon heard the news that he had been killed. Distant kin from her mother's side, who lived in the southern fishing village, offered to take her in. After some reflection, she decided to stay in Rhojidan, under the guardianship of her father's colleagues in the army. She pursued her training with even more vigor, trying to ease the pain of grief with work and physical combat.

When she was given an opportunity to quell bandit activity in Greywind, she leapt at the chance. As the expected time to officially test to join the guild of her father drew near, she deferred, much to everyone's surprise. She could not leave the village of Rhojidan unguarded. She had to keep purusing these rogues. Every time she encountered one, she remembered the screams of the people of Hessa and her mother's determination to the end.

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