A Little Fae's First Trip to Kalmyr pt1: Arrival and Books!!

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A Little Fae's First Trip to Kalmyr pt1: Arrival and Books!!

#1 Post by Leigheas » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:49 am

As the boat came into view of the giant stone walls, Leigheas eye's grew wide with excitement.
This was the first time that she had ever witnessed such a sight having before today only witnessed
the tiny village of Hessa. Within a couple of minutes, the boat had docked and as she gathered her
measly couple of possessions, she began to depart the boat. Before her was an immaculate white road
that was adorned with spray water fountains on each side. Leigheas, with a childish glee, darted
towards a fountain and put her hand into the stream. The water bounced off her hand with a determined
purpose. She smiled as she removed her hand and gazed about her surroundings and headed off to the west.

Leigheas slowly made her way down what someone had told her was Arcane Avenue. Eventually she
made her way to an intersection with a sign that had directions. "Huh, lets see" she said to herself
while reading the sign. "Where do I want to go? She said with a undecided tone. She continued to look
at the sign when suddenly an Elven Wizard suddenly appeared out of thin air and disappeared just as
quickly. Leigheas was taken aback by such a display, and looked at an elven man that was sitting and
asked: "How did they do that?" The man, with a puzzled look on his face, replied "Do what?"
"How was he able to appear and disappear like that?" she asked. The man, again with a puzzled look,
asked "Little one, do you not know what magic is?" "M m magic?" Leighas replied. The man believed
there was some tomfoolery going on and replied "Little one, I suggest you go to the University, they
would have all the answers you seek." with a dismissive tone pointing to the sign with the directions.
Leighes looked back at the sign, still confused, and seen that the University was north. She began
walking north, with a still present look of awe.

As she made her way thru the city, she was amazed with all the people that had taken up
residence. To her west she noticed there were many elegant and gorgeous homes. As she walked
down the street she smiled at the sight of such beautiful architecture. Making her way further
to the western part of the town, a gleaming white fortress catches her eye. Upon seeing this
her face became flush with wonderment and intrigue, and her pace hastened slightly. Soon she had
reached the road that lead to the fortress. She stopped and admired the fortress, noticing that
each of the four towers had guards in them keeping watch. As she passed by the opened gates,
she noticed there were hallways that lead to a couple of the guard towers. Stopping, she leaned
in as if to take a look into one of the hallways. A guard was coming out of one of the towers and
rounded the corner, scaring Leigheas. She quickly jumped back, startled, and decided to continue
onwards. As she came out from the covered area, the sun was bright. As her eyes adjusted she
realized that she now stood between some ivory towers.

Leigheas walked towards the tower that was to her left. A sign in front of the door signaled
that she had reached the University's Library. Entering the library, her sight was flooded with
the sheer volume of books available. As she made her way thru the first floor, she picked up a
book called "The Roads of Alarra". She continued picking up "The Abandoned Abbey", White Book of
Yan, Black Book of Rho, and "The Origins of Existence" as she made her way to the next floor.
As she made her way thru each floor, she picked up such books as: "The People of Rhojidan",
"Jaleb, The Wild's Madman", "The Syleshi-Vampire War", "History of Healing Magics: Volume One",
and "The Tower of Glass and Water". She found some suitable places to read when she arrived
on the sixth floor. She snuggled in one of the alcoves, wrapping her wings sort of like a blanket
around her. She completed reading "The Abandoned Abbey" and as she began "The People of
Rhojidan" her eyes began to grow heavy. Darkness slowly crept into her vision until it final
consumed her.....

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