A letter posted in the Guild Hall.

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A letter posted in the Guild Hall.

#1 Post by Xzean » Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:49 am

The letters reads:

Brother and Sisters of Sinshade,

The time has come to choose a Guild Master. To this end, a ritual will be enacted to contact the Founders, who will mark the being whom together we all choose, as being worthy of the title and position...or not. This ritual will be stenuous, and we will need assistance gathering both supplies as well as ritual assistance. Currently, the one whom the ritual will be focused upon is the Dark Mage Xelphiem, the Plague Bringer, The Lich King. Acting as the channeled voice of Founder Tessena will be the Necrolord Xzean, Lich of the Frozen North. We need candidates to speak for the Vampiric Bloodline and the Demonic Bloodline. Please contact either of the named above if you wish to provide help or be the voice for one of those two founders.

Your Brother in Darkness,
Necrolord Xzean Faelrlyn

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