RP Coordinator Needed!

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RP Coordinator Needed!

#1 Post by Arcades » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:24 pm


We are searching for a staff member to serve as Role-Playing Coordinator. This person will be responsible for a variety of things, but namely:
  • Facilitating and encouraging Role-Playing (RP) and In Character (IC) interactions
  • Creating and running RP events
  • Assisting with player-hosted RP events
  • Overseeing the IC forums and posting RP event logs
  • Working with the four GMs to facilitate RP and guild interaction
  • General player assistance
Note that for full staff positions like this, your ability to play on alts is somewhat limited. Staff alts are identified as such and aren't allowed to take loot during parties, resurrect players, engage in economy/trade, or otherwise interfere with gameplay.

You would create a persona of some kind for your main staff character to interact IC (e.g. Arcades is the librarian in Kalmyr). Though creative writing is part of the gig, you would have plenty of support from the other staff in coming up with ideas and putting them into action.

If you are interested, please contact Arcades. Thanks!

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