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Beta Phase

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Hello all,

I wanted to take a minute and write a bit about the game and what it means entering into the Beta Phase of development.

Asteria has been in development in it's current form since the beginning of 2016. During that time, we've devoted a lot of time and energy to making the game what it is today. We've decided it was time to open the game up to the general public and see what happens.

Our goal for Asteria is to create a tight-knit, long-lasting, community that will help create a robust and interesting experience for all involved. Our hope is to foster a casual environment that caters to exploration, discovery, companionship, and fun. We are looking for players who want to be part of this community and are willing to participate and engage in the events and experiences that are planned (and unplanned!)

During the Beta Phase, our focus will be on smashing bugs, sorting out balance issues, and building up the community. These forums will be used for communications, both OOC and IC, in order to keep an active log of the going-ons within the realm as well as what is happening with mechanics and design. We urge you, the player, to offer suggestions, ideas, feedback, and other thoughts often. Please use the appropriate forums within this board.

Our expectation is for Beta to last approximately 3 months; ending sometime in November. At the end of Beta, a player wipe will occur. Players who have contributed to the Beta will be awarded a bonus package for their new character as well as credit within the help files of the MUD.

Thanks again for playing and joining the community!

Kindest regards,
Asteria Staff

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