RP Log: Less Frightening than a Gnome on a Chair

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RP Log: Less Frightening than a Gnome on a Chair

#1 Post by Wren » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:43 am

A Small Game Room
This small, quaint corner off the main lobby of the inn is used for playing
various tavern games of both skill and chance. Though clean and in tiny
condition, the room contains just a few wooden tables, chairs and meager items
for recreation. The dirt road is visible through a square window on the western
wall. It seems this room does not see much use from patrons.
Obvious Exits: South
Heroes Here: Melbere
A Rhojidani Knight no longer needs your help.

Wren says, 'Ah, I know this tavern.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'My favourite spot, never had the chance to play anyone here.'

Melbere pulls two seats upto a table, motioning for Wren to sit.

Wren takes her seat of course, and asks, 'What brings you to these woods in particular?'

Melbere sits across the table. 'The quietness. No bustle from society, just peace from noise everywhere.'

Wren says, 'I suppose that's true.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Same game?'

Wren says, 'Fours or Sixes?'

Melbere says 'Fours, what I'm used to.'

Wren says, 'Alright, sounds good.'

Melbere says 'Four caltrops sound good?'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'Mmhm'

Wren begins fishing dice out of her bag, pulling out four of them.

Melbere does likewise, taking out four stone-carved dice. He rolls them and covers them per usual.

Wren covers her own roll, and asks, 'Who bids first?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'You can.'

Wren says, 'Two fours.

Melbere says to Wren, 'Two threes. I'm still sorry about earlier, if I haven't made such clear. But more importantly, I forgot to thank you for breakfast.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Oh, I messed the rules again, ha. Three threes.'

Melbere doesn't look in his best state.

Wren cracks a smile. 'Well, you're very welcome for breakfast. And I believe you, about being sorry. Have you thought about what you intend to say and do next?'

Wren says, 'Oh, and Call.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'I've been thinking more about the mail you've sent me about my book. I think it's perfect already.'

Melbere uncovers his dice. 2, 2, 3, 4.

Wren reveals 4, 1, 1, 1.

Wren says, 'Is that so?'

Melbere flicks a dice into the middle of the table. 'Not a liar.'

Melbere shakes his remaining dice and re-covers them.

Wren says, 'That's too bad. When something's perfect, it doesn't warrant further investigation.'

Wren rerolls.

Melbere says to Wren, 'Who goes first now? I don't know set rules for this.'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'Loser's choice.'

Melbere thinks this over. 'One one. I remember you were interested in some story from my past

Wren says, 'The horseshoe, I think. Led me to believe you had military days. One three.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Not shoe, entire hoof. Military days I did have, but not for Rhojidan. One

Wren nods, and spends a little while thinking. 'Two twos. So, what company?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'I've been mulling it over, and I'm unsure if our confidenciality contract is still valid. Team of four, called ourselves "The Hoof". You'd have to ask Swansi for its origin, but he's dead now.'

Melbere says 'Oh, two fours.'

Wren says, 'Well, I'm glad to hear it. Were The Hoof mercenaries? Three twos.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'More or less, but only for a single family. The dwarf we talked about long ago was in the company. Hiawassee, 'Jabberwocky', we decided later.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Three fours.'

Wren nods.

Wren says, 'Call. Would the family be anyone I recognize?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Only if you've been alive for multiple hundred years.'

Melbere reveals two fours and a two.

Wren says, to Melbere, 'Not yet.'

Wren says, 'Well, this round's yours.'

Wren reveals 4, 2, 2, 1.

Melbere gives Wren a warm smile.

Melbere says 'First time for everything.'

Wren returns the smile. 'Well, don't get used to it.'

Melbere rerolls his three dice.

Wren rerolls hers. 'One four.'

Melbere says 'Back then, my hair was still blackish-green, if you would believe that. ha. Two ones.'

Melbere is no longer sated.

Wren says, 'Oh, I believe it. You must have been a lady-killer in your heyday. Call.'

Wren reveals 2, 2, 3.

Melbere reveals 1, 3, and 4.

Melbere says 'Don't know why I expected.'

Melbere pushes another die to the table center.

Wren smirks. 'Sorry, but if I see 75% odds, I take it.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'I just try to read facial expressions and reference games from the stories I know. Dice be damned.'

Wren says, 'I suppose those'd be useful skills to pick up, too.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'One one to kick off. Mind if I gush more about my younger days?'

Wren says, 'Oh, that's why I'm here.'

Wren says, 'One two.'

Melbere smiles in appreciation. 'Well, the four of us were quite a good team together. Jaber was good for hit'n'runs, Beth for heavy hitting, Suang-Si for keeping us sane.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'And me for being the scout. One three.'

Wren says, 'Two threes. It's rare that a bodyguard detail needs a scout, so this family must have had something else in mind?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'We placed all our trust into Swanse, haruspex. He differed to Beth whenever we questioned right and wrong, and she always said right. Questions weren't really allowed, but I know they were some sort of noble house.'

You nod at Melbere.

Melbere says 'We ran mostly wilderness, so it was necessary for me to be there. Hm, three threes.'

Wren says, 'What sort of terrain did traverse?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Forests and arctic most often.'

Wren says, 'Never cared for the cold, personally.'

Wren says, 'Call.'

Wren reveals 3, 4, 4.

Melbere says to Wren, 'Swanse always had his re-animated brother carrying firewood, wasn't that bad.'

Melbere reveals a 3 and 4.

Melbere says to Wren, 'Well, got me again. Should have bet fours.'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'I was tempted to make that bet myself.'

Melbere skitters his second-last die to the table center, then re-rolls his final die.

Wren rolls her three.

Wren says, 'Your choice, bet or defer?'

Melbere says 'I'll bet.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Hm. Swanse was definitely the oddest necromancer I've seen in my life. Upbeat
and happy, always had written permission and written conduct codes for those he brought up. Love of
music definitely rubbed off on me. Two threes.'

Wren can't help but apologetically shrug. 'Call.'

Melbere sighs deeply at Wren.

Wren reveals 1, 2, 4.

Melbere simply throws his three into the table center.

Melbere says 'Always bet safe, thought I'd change it. Didn't work.'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'No such thing as a safe bet when you're down 1 to 3, really.'

Melbere shifts uncomfortably in his chair. 'I know that.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'I'm still sorry, I really want to string that to you. This age hasn't done well for my mental state.'

Melbere says 'But that's not a real excuse, is it.'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'Perhaps it should be.'

Wren remains silent for a few moments.

Melbere says to Wren, '...I always wonder what day I'll never wake up. I know for certain it won't be for a while, though.'

Melbere purses his lips, looking at the the roof as he leans back in his chair.

Wren says, to Melbere, 'Do you worry about what comes after? For you, or for us?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'In my case, I don't want to think about it. For all of you, I hope you find a joyous afterlife. If such even exists.'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'If so, I certainly hope to find you there.'

Wren says, 'But honestly, I'd rather spend the time I know I have doing anything but worrying about the time I might not.'

Melbere keeps a straight expression as he refocuses his attention towards Wren. 'I hope too.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'That's likely a good way to live. This is really heavy talk for a teenager. Are you sure you're fine discussing this stuff?'

Wren just laughs! 'I'm surprised to have the privilege. When a teenage girl opines on anything philosophical, even our most open-minded mystics have a hard time listening.'

Wren says, 'It's nice to be taken seriously.'

Melbere says 'Always give the same respect regardless of age, from a tale of yore.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Is there anything else you want to be taken seriously on?'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'Only everything. This world is a catastrophe.'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'Someone's got to try to make it a little bit better.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'I wish I could.'

Wren says, 'Try?'

Wren says, 'Nothing's stopping you.'

Melbere looks back at Wren. 'Many factors are.'

Wren leans back a bit. 'Like?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Oaths and obligations.'

Melbere is tight-lipped over this subject.

Wren says, 'So you're duty bound not do as you like.'

Melbere nods toward you.

Wren says, 'Are you duty bound not to speak of it? What would you do, if you could do anything?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'If I could do anything, kick them in the ass until they plead mercy. Then keep kicking.'

Melbere says 'May have just over-stepped my bounds. Doesn't matter.'

Melbere twirls the fabric of his robes on his finger.

Wren considers that for a little while. 'Alright, so you've got grievances against the same ones you owe an oath too.'

Wren says, 'That's awful.'

Wren says, 'Maybe you can't do any kicking, but you could tell me a story if you like.'

Melbere smiles at Wren, silently thanking her for distracting his pessimistic mind. 'I'll tell you about the man keeping shut the gates of the Underworld. A regret of mine, but still... wait, that one isn't fun. Can you suggest an emotion?'

Wren smiles and shakes her head. 'Wow, Melbere.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'What? Is something on my face?'

Wren says, 'I wasn't looking for... hm, you know what, sure. Pleasant surprise.'

Wren says, 'There's the emotion I'd like. Pleasant surprise.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Alright. There once were two gnomes living in poverty. In accordance with Fae holidays, they were to give eachother a gift tomorrow, but had forgotten all about it.'

Melbere says 'The man had an ornamental sword from his grandfather's grandfather, and the woman incredible hair. They returned to eachother on the gift-giving day surprised at the others appearance.'

Melbere says 'The man had bought a golden hair-pin for the woman, and she had brought a new scabbardfor the man's sword.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Despite all this, they found happiness in knowing the other was willing to give up their personal identity to make the other happy. The end.'

Wren tilts her head.

Melbere says 'Sorry, not dancing on the table to sell the story today, my muscles are killing me

Wren says, to Melbere, 'No, it's just... did the man pay for the hair-pin with the sword, and the woman the scabbard with her hair?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Yes.'

Melbere says 'I made it up just now, pulling from other stories. Hope it was a pleasant surprise.'

Melbere gives you a warm smile.

Wren says, 'Oh, it's just--'

Wren smiles. 'Of course. Of course it was.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Are you sure there isn't anything you want to talk about seriously? I know the University's not a great spot for open discussion in the novice halls.'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'I can't think of anything more serious than what we last discussed.'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'At winter's end, I'll start composing letters or talking to the rest of the students and instructors.'

Melbere says to Wren, '...And?'

Melbere says to Wren, 'C'mon, tell 'm somethin' other th'n that. I risk'd my life talkin' bout myself.'

Wren says, 'And what? We'll have to begin reorganizing to support whoever Kalmyr selects as the next High Sage. The process often takes years, so it'll be a difficult interim.'

Melbere says 'Oh, arright. 'Ounds fun.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Hows'is then, tell me 'bout an embarassin' regret 'ah yours. Only fair.'

Wren takes a deep breath.

Wren says, to Melbere, 'Fine, but you have to swear not to speak a word of this to anyone.'

Melbere zips his lips dramatically.

Wren says, to Melbere, 'I'm serious, not because the story's embarrassing, but because it'd be dangerous if people put two and two together and learned where I grew up.'

Melbere says to Wren, ''Er just makin' it more interest'in. Sworn 'n stone.'
Wren nods somberly. 'Okay. Alright. Well.'

Wren takes a few moments to compose herself. She twists in her chair a little, recrosses her legs, and otherwise does every possible thing to convey how anxious she is.

Melbere picks up on this extremely quickly 'Ye don't hafta talk if yer uncomfortable with it.'

Wren says, 'No, this is only fair.'

Wren says, 'I grew up in a small coastal town, and my father was lost at sea when I was young. Mother tried her best, but it wasn't like the town could really support the professional seamstress she became.'

Wren says, 'There was no dowry.'

Wren says, 'So, she did her best to turn me into the best bride I could possibly be. Thankfully that did include learning how to read, or I would have gone absolutely mad with all the lessons. Cooking, mending, you name it.'

Wren says, 'It didn't leave a lot of time for fun, you know?'

Wren says, '... so, I never really learned how to dance.'

Melbere's eyebrows furrow. 'Ey'd bet. No time fer-at.'

Wren says, 'Right after my sixteenth birthday, there was a big festival, same as every year, Only, because I was sixteen, I got to dance with all the other adults.'

Wren says, 'At night. In fancy clothes. Around a big fire.'

Melbere cringes yet smiles at the same time, knowing where the story is heading.

Wren buries her face in her hands. 'It was horrible. I didn't even make it five minutes before I stepped on half a dozen feet, tripped, and fell backwards towards the fire. Someone caught me, of course, but that didn't stop my skirt from catching on fire.'

Wren says, 'I ended up running screaming from the town square and straight into the ocean.'

Melbere chuckles merrily at Wren.

Melbere says to Wren, 'I'm sure th' boys thought ye were hot.'

Wren is bright red, and too embarrassed to even protest. Instead, she just groans and sinks in her seat.

Melbere says to Wren, 'Don'worry too hard 'bout it, people like teachin' others to dance.'

Wren says, 'Oh no. Absolutely not.'

Wren GLARES out from in between her fingers. 'Once was quite enough, and I'll not tempt fate again.'

Melbere reacts to the glare with a small smile.

Melbere says ''Onestly, ey'd love to teach ye how, but size difference w'make it a puppet show.'

Wren can't help but smirk a little, but she kills the expression entirely before removing her hands from her face. 'If you think they'd make fun of you, just imagine what they'd say to me.'

Wren says, '"Oh look, she finally found a partner she can't step on!"'

Wren says, '"She always was smart, and you can tell because she hired a dance instructor who can heal people and raise the dead!"'

Melbere says to Wren, '...Eesh. Ye need'a hug? 'Aint sound healthy 't carry thoughts like'ose errywhere.'

Wren says, 'I'm fine. Really.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Liar.'

Wren says, to Melbere, 'Okay, fine. It still bothers me that I messed up so badly, and it probably always will.'

Melbere pinches the bridge of his nose, looking down and shaking his head. 'No room fer those 'oughts at the Arcanery. Hm.'

Melbere steps down from his chair, and drags it to the center of the room.

Melbere says to Wren, 'Get'over 'ere, I'm teaching ye right now.'

Melbere stands on top of the chair.

Wren says, 'Oh no.'

Wren says, 'It's... sweet of you to offer, I think?'

Wren says, 'But no way.'

Wren rises to her own feet.

Melbere says to Wren, 'Yer never gettin' those thoughts outta yer head unless ye prove 'em wrong.'

Wren smooths out her skirts and says, primly, 'Fortunately, there's plenty of room in my head for all sorts of thoughts. They can stay for a little while.'

Melbere rolls his eyes in disgust at you.

Melbere says 'Don'make me stand up 'ere fer nothin'. C'mon, let's at least try.'

Melbere says to Wren, 'Anycase, 'ose thought'sll poison yer other ones. Dont'cha want em gone?'

Wren stands there, still flushed with embarrassment, staring at Melbere on his chair. She is silent for a few seconds, then takes half a step forward before she squeaks, 'Nope!' and disappears.

=== A week later ===

In a Cold Mountain Tunnel
Your own breath is visible as you continue through the cold mountain tunnel,
surrounded by the grey rock and stone. As cold and dark as the tunnel itself
is, it appears to be in somewhat regular use as part of the route through the
Obvious Exits: East West
Hostile Creatures Here: Vorkai, Dragon of Ice

Wren shouts 'For the University! And the good people of Skybreak!'

Wren chants strange words and gesture magically with her hand...
Invoking the Illusory Force spell, you attempt to control the power.

Wren gestures magically towards Vorkai, Dragon of Ice...
Vorkai, Dragon of Ice is hit with an unseen force for 909 damage!
Vorkai, Dragon of Ice is slain!
He had:
Dragon Bone
Icy Dragon Scale
Icy Dragon Scale
Humanoid Bone
Humanoid Skull
Humanoid Skull
Icy Dragon Scale
Icy Dragon Scale
Icy Dragon Scale
Icy Dragon Scale
Icy Dragon Scale
Wren gains 4,777 experience.
A dying roar echoes throughout Skybreak Ridge as the mighty VORKAI is slain!

Wren shouts 'Hey Melbere! I found a dance partner!'

A soft male voice shouts 'hail!'

A loud male voice shouts 'Keep it'oun, I'm tryn'a sleep!'

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