Ednig the Martyr

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Ednig the Martyr

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Corin tells Eryn 'I've found a book with some details on nightmares in the Kalmyr
Library. Care to pop in and take a look?'

Eryn tells Corin 'Oh?'

Corin tells Eryn 'Yes, it's not very specific so it could be nothing'

You feel yourself being whisked through time and space...
When you regain your senses you find yourself -

In the University Lobby
Students and scholars alike rush past one another through this busy lobby at
the bottom of the university. The entire chamber is made of dark brown wood.
Banners of purple and cyan hang down from the vaulted ceiling high above. A
staircase leads up into the second level, while a wooden door lies on either
side of the lobby. Large halls continue in different directions, leading to the
various classrooms and other chambers.
Heroes Here: Corin

Corin gives Eryn the book "Ednig the Martyr".

Eryn watches Corin briefly before leafing through the book.

Corin says 'The book describes nightmares that a Rhojidani Museum employee

Corin says 'Not much in detail, but a distburbing ending.'

Eryn says 'Rho's wings! It looks like it's going to break.'

Book "Ednig the Martyr"
The dry flaking leather binding this book is completely disintegrated at the
spine, exposing the worn threads holding the pages together. The title embossed
on the front is now legible mostly as an indentation in the leather, with the
odd bit of golden paint still visible in the corner of a letter. As you hold
it, it feels as if it could crumble in your hands.

Eryn holds it carefully.

Eryn says 'It turned out well then?'

Corin says 'Yes, it is definitely old. I suggest transcribing it immediately to
have your own copy.'

Eryn says to Corin, 'I can't...'

Eryn says to Corin, 'I'm no scribe...'

Corin says 'Allow me'

Eryn gives Corin a warm smile.

Eryn passes the book "Ednig the Martyr" back to Corin, carefully.

Eryn says 'Thank you.'

Corin picks up a Book "Ednig the Martyr" and puts it in his backpack.

Corin says 'Anyways, I can't actually make out whether the writer is still

Eryn says 'Oh?'

Corin says 'He writes about another, this Ednig character, who by his account is
now missing nad has saved the world from an unknown threat.'

Corin says 'It is all very odd.'

Eryn says 'Saved the world?'

Eryn looks bemused.

Corin says 'Ednig was having nightmares of sorts, which led to him finding some
cave in the darkness and the sealing of some sort of demonic gate.'

Eryn says 'Gate!'

Eryn says 'What kinda gate?'

Corin gently turns the pages of the book.

Corin says 'The book describes them as towering black metal gates. They are
within a cave protected by water and found in the darkness.'

Corin says 'Not many details, but it should be near Rhojidan.'

Eryn cocks her head to one side and frowns.

Eryn says 'Black metal.'

Corin nods thoughtfully.

Corin says 'Perhaps ebony?'

Corin says 'Rhojidan has plenty of that.'

Eryn says 'This feels pertinent.'

Eryn says 'Gates, I've been having dreams of gates'

Eryn says 'Sounds preposterous I know.'

Corin says 'Is anything coming out of them?'

Eryn says 'No, just feels horrible to be near.'

Corin says 'The book has descriptions of some foul masses pouring from the

Eryn looks perturbed.

Corin says 'Ah, perhaps similar then, the gates in your dreams just have not

Eryn says 'I suppose they do in one dream.'

Eryn says 'The worst one, and the world burns to the ground.'

Eryn says 'I'm going to have to study this book.'

Eryn says 'Seems odd...'

Corin says 'I will send you a copy of its words shortly and place the original
back in the library.'

Corin nods.

Eryn says 'Thank you Corin.'

Corin says 'It is concerning. '

Corin says 'Of course.'

Eryn says 'I've heard people talking of a different gate too.'

Corin says 'Another gate? Also black?'

Eryn says 'Oh yeah, another black gate, in the moments between life and death.'

Eryn says 'It feels concerning! I am uneasy about the whole thing.'

Corin says 'The book mentions that Ednig used a ritual'

Corin says 'In order to seal the gates.'

Eryn says 'A ritual? What kind?'

Corin carefully flips pages as quickly as he feels can be done without damaging
the original copy.

Corin says 'Long is the day, long is the night, long is the sleep of Rho.'

Eryn's face falls. "No."

Corin says 'The Ednig character says these words as he struggles to close the

Eryn says 'No, no, no.'

Eryn says 'He doesn't? Surely.'

Eryn's eyes widen into large saucers.

Corin says 'He does. Before this, he also draws his own blood and begins some
sort of ritual. He is too slow, the gates open before he can finish, and those are
his last words of desperation to shut the gates.'

Eryn says 'Melltithio!'

Corin says 'who?'

Eryn mutters to herself.

Eryn says 'Never mind.'

Eryn's cheeks are drained of colour and her hand aimlessly fidgets with her

Eryn says 'So he managed to shut the gates?'

Corin says 'He did, at the cost of his...existence?'

Eryn's eyes flicker to look at Corin, hopefully.

Eryn says 'He... died?'

Corin says 'He disappears, swallowed by the gates as he shuts them, says the

Corin says 'He vanishes'

Corin says 'There was no corpse so it is unclear.'

Eryn says 'Rho's jaws that's bad news.'

Corin frowns.

Eryn says 'Corin, thank you.'

Corin nods solemnly.

Eryn says 'This is helpful, if not exactly welcome news.'

Eryn says 'I'd be very grateful of a copy when you have the time.'

Eryn says 'I need to study this further.'

Corin says 'Please, keep me posted on your dreams. If there is an upcoming
danger, the university must be ready to meet it without Astrum.'

Corin says 'Indeed, I will send it to you immediately.'

Eryn thanks Corin sincerely.

Eryn lets out a deep sigh.

Corin says 'While I have you here, any word from Astrum?'
Eryn says 'Sadly not and it pains me greatly.'

Eryn looks crestfallen.

Eryn says 'I feel his loss keenly.'

Corin says 'Many students are aimless without him, and the teachers Sundamar and
Deneb have also been missing as of late.'

Eryn nods at Corin.

Corin snaps his fingers.

Eryn says It feels concerning! I am uneasy about the whole thing.

Eryn says 'How do you fare Corin?'

Eryn says 'I hope all is well in the University halls if not exactly ideal?'

Corin says 'Otherwise fine. Consumed with worry. The university seems to be at a
stand still without leadership.'

Corin says 'Just empty. aimless.'

Corin says 'Professors are missing as well, and the students are learning
without the calming presence of a high sage.'

Eryn says 'I know little of your customs, but you know I am here to help if I can,
out of affection for Astrum above all else.'

Corin says 'I do what I can to instruct, but I am so very new to this all as
well. I do not have the wisdom of those who are missing from our ranks.'

Eryn frowns

Corin says 'The timing of all these events is problematic, at the very least.'

Eryn looks grim, "Aye."

Eryn says 'Now more than ever we'll have to stand together, those of us that there

Corin nods.

Eryn says 'I'm here if you need as 'aye. You've done me a kind turn today, perhaps
us all, I don't know.'

Corin nods.

Eryn rubs the back of her neck.

Corin says 'Keep me posted on those dreams.'

Eryn says 'Kef guide us.'

Eryn nods at Corin.

Eryn says 'Will do.'

Eryn gives a friendly wave.

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