A Winter Ball!

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A Winter Ball!

#1 Post by Xelphiem » Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:50 am

Come One, Come All to the first Winter Ball!

In Rhojidan as the leaves begin to fall, Xelphiem dressed in only his finest shouts to heroes and noblemen alike from the city square. “I am hosting a ball in the palace of Rhojidan! I would love for all heroes to attend alongside important figures from Rhojidan and Kalmyr. It would be great to have better relations with each other in these trying times. Remember to leave your weapons at the door, it would not do to have such violent things at a peaceful ball. Stay all day for a time filled with amusement and companionship. There is much we heroes must discuss.”

January 2nd, 7pm PST will be the starting time for the event. Hope all you lovelies can make it dressed in your best. That means no homespun, Eryn :P

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