Waking the University Faculty

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Waking the University Faculty

#1 Post by Oiche » Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:07 pm

The University council chamber is quiet and largely empty. A few members of the senior faculty, strictly enough for this gathering to reach quorum and no more, sit around dozing on the benches. With the position vacant and nothing important enough happening to warrant bothering Arcades, the seat of the High Sage stands empty. The viewing gallery stands almost completely empty, no students or alumni present to witness the proceedings. Only a single, small figure sits wrapped in a plain grey robe, watching.

The University Secretary, an elderly female elf with steel-grey hair and horn-rimmed spectacles dutifully goes through the standing agenda in a bored tone, getting nothing more than the minimum response required to move on. "And now, if there is no more business may I call this meeting to a close?"

Silence, other than the gentle snoring of a Professor of Enchantment. Then a soft voice from above. "I wish to address the Faculty."

The Secretary looks up and pushes her glasses up her nose, regarding the figure. Before she can answer, a Professor of Alteration speaks up. "This is a closed session. Only members of the University may petition the Faculty, and must do so in writing in advance to the High Sage. Stop wasting our time."

In the balcony, the figure rises to their feet and leans on the balcony. "Not so. The Articles of the University clearly state that the standing meeting of the Faculty has provision for any member of the University to address the leadership. Only the agenda is closed to comment, and you have just ended the session. I claim the right to speak."

As the Professor starts to splutter a response, the Secretary intervenes. "You correctly cite the Articles. Approach."

The cloaked figure moves to the stairs and descends, moving towards the speakers table. They remove their hood, revealing a pale face and a pair of overly-large, shockingly orange eyes. They nod a silent thanks to the Secretary, before looking around the Faculty.

"Esteemed faculty, the University has slept for too long. Without leadership it has fallen to individuals to be a presence in the world. Some seek to better the realms, but many others simply seek power. In the words of one senior student, while the University follows a path only of neutrality and knowledge, it risks simply becoming a cabal of sorcerous sociopaths, right underneath the noses of elves who honestly only ever intended the best."

Oiche looks around the room, at the Faculty who are waking up and exchanging looks. Many looking outraged at the slight.

"Times are changing, and great danger is coming. I am here to ask a simple question. What does the University stand for?"

Oiche pauses for this to sink in and a Professor of Evocation surges to his feet, pointing an accusatory finger at Oiche. "You idiot child. I recognise you now. Who are you to lecture us? You are not even a member of this Institution. Get out before..."

There is the crash of a gavel hitting it's block, silencing the tirade. The Secretary glares at the Professor. "Please be seated, sir. The floor has not been yielded and it is not your right to speak." She looks quickly through a stack of notes. "As to your point of order, I have the admissions paperwork here. Oiche of Shadowglen has been a member of this Institution since Day 19 of Shadows of Wings in the Year 817."

The Professor snarls back "That is yesterday morning. They think they can come in here, citing ancient and irrelevant documents..."

Another bang as the gavel comes down. "Be. Silent. They have correctly cited the Articles. Ancient or not, they are still in effect and it makes a pleasant change for someone to have read them. Oiche has the right to speak. You will sit down, or be removed."

Oiche stands impassively as the Professor drops into his chair, shaking with anger.

"Thank you. High Sage Astrum saw danger coming and offered help. I am here, indeed I have joined this Institution, to call on you to honour his commitments in his absence. In accordance with Article 719, I inform you that at the invitation of a member of this Institution, the Oracle of the Enclave will be addressing the Faculty in the near future to discuss her needs. Unless you wish to violate the treaties which underpin this Article, I suggest you prepare a suitable welcome."

Oiche looks at the Secretary and the impassive mask softens as their eyes give her a warm smile, before they turn their back on the silent Faculty and walk towards the exit to the chamber. They pause briefly at the door and turn back.

"It's time the University works out why it is here - before it becomes an irrelevant artefact of history."

Oiche walks out, the door closing softly as the angry shouting starts.

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