Fylnor's potion and scroll delivery service now open for business

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Fylnor's potion and scroll delivery service now open for business

#1 Post by fylnor » Sun Feb 23, 2020 12:26 pm

Have you ever needed that haste scroll to speed things up a little, a dragonskin potion to provide that ekstra power or a scroll of gills to dive to the bottom of the sea. Look no further, Fylnor's potion and scroll delivery service is here to provide for your every need.
The price for any scroll or potion is 1000 gold and purchases can be made in bulk . Payment is to be provided on delivery.
Deliveries are normally made at Hessa og Kalmyr square, but can, at no ekstra charge, be delivered directly to the customer.
See sales conditions below for limitations on direct delivery. Deliveries are usually made within 10 min, but can be longer due to various conditions. See sales conditions for more information.

For further information on how to use of scrolls and potions read the relevant books in the university library (OOC i.e the help files).

Most popular scrolls and potions are:

Haste scrolls for faster attacks (1 second reduction in unbalanced time between attacks)
Dragonskin potions for an ekstra 100 attack and spell power
Scrolls of Unlock to open chests and doors (Cannot open chests or doors equivalent to a pick lock ability of rank 11 or higher)
Scrolls of Gills to breathe underwater
Scrolls of Bless Weapon for extra weapon damage
Scrolls of Dark Prowess for an extra 10% damage
Scroll of Wisdom for an extra 35% mana regeneration

Sales conditions:

When you make purchase at Fylnor's potion and scroll delivery service you agree to the following conditions.

1. Delivery times are subject to changes due to fluctuation in supply and demand, availability of personnel, volume of purchase order and other unforeseen circumstances
2. Deliveries will only be made in safe areas without any aggressive wildlife or other local monsters
3. Deliveries cannot be made inside guild rooms or areas much more powerful than that of the delivery personnel
4. Once a purchase has been made, Fylnor's potion and scroll delivery service cannot be held liable for any untimely death, loss of wealth or anything other type of misadventure while under the influence of a scroll or potion

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