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Beta Update

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In the next two weeks, we will be opening up a new port for a beta to test out new features. If you would like to participate, please send me, Greg, a PM on discord or an e-mail at Please include the name of the character you wish to use. We will send out a notification via discord when the beta is open.

What to Expect
The beta will have many features disabled. Examples include: GMCP, Achievements, and Destiny.
You'll be given a temporary password and will be asked to set a password the first time you log in. Your account will have 3 characters available. The first will have enough experience to reach level 5, the second to level 25, and the third to reach level 50. It is recommended to try out the lower level character first before trying out the higher ones. All characters will be human, male. You can change your gender with the CONFIG GENDER command.

Stats and Levels
Characters have four stats: Vitality, Agility, Intellect, and Spirit. Stat Values are between 0 and 255. Your Stat Level is the value divided by 10, rounded down, giving a range of 0-25. The 4 Stat Levels added together is your Level. Levels range from 1-100. Every 4th level you will earn a talent and every 5th level you earn a skill. After gaining experience, you spend it on increasing your stats. The cost to increase a stat will become exponentially more expensive with the cost shown on the SCORE screen. To train a stat, the syntax is TRAIN <stat> <amount (optional)>. During the beta, you'll be able to train your stats, gain talents, and learn skills from anywhere. You may also reset your character with the RESET ME command. This will reduce all of your stats down to starting values, remove all talents and skills, and refund your experience.

Experience and Death Penalty
Experience will be gained through questing, hunting, exploration, foraging, etc. Experience gained from questing and exploration will NOT be lost when coming back to life after dying. The current death penalty (without resurrection or raise dead) is 20% of unsafe experience and 50% carried gold.

Monsters have been scaled down with appropriate stats and levels. The beta will have randomized stats: this means that while the level of the monster will remain the same, their stat distribution will vary. Look at the monster to see what stats they have (use GLANCE or GL to skip descriptions.) Experience is now gained based on the level of the monster, with an exponential curve, regardless of the player's level. This means that a high level player will still gain experience from killing lower level monsters.

When grouping, player's stats will scale down to the lowest level member of the group. All talents will remain, but health/mana and item modifiers will scale down to appropriate levels. A bonus to experience will be gained for killing monsters based on the level differential of the player who scales down.

Items and Equipment
All items will have a cost of 0. Low level equipment can be purchased at the central plaza in Hessa. Mid range equipment will be available in Rhojidan, while high range equipment will be available in Kalmyr. Armor is categorized into Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light armor provides low armor and high magic resistance. Heavy armor provides high armor and low magic resistance, while medium armor provides a mixture of both. Weapons are grouped into broader categories, allowing for more versatility. Your hands now only hold weapons and shields. You no longer need to unpack items to equip or use. In combat, you may not equip weapons or armor. Use the SHEATHE command to switch between different weapons.

Talents and Skills
Talents have replaced the skill system. Most talents will have at least one Stat Level requirement with other talents as prerequisites or exclusive. Spells of similar types are grouped into a single talent and may have a Level requirement. Upon reaching the appropriate level, you'll gain access to that spell within the talent. During beta, there will be about 30 talents to try out. Skills are typically non-combat related or indirectly combat related. Each skill can be trained up to 5 times. There will be about 5 skills available for beta.

Combat should feel a bit slower, but still fluid. Each attack performs a check versus 2 specified stats. Armor reduces physical damage while magic resistance reduces magical damage. The amount reduced is distinct, i.e. if you have an armor rating of 5, any physical damage received will be reduced by 5. The minimal amount of damage from a successful hit is 1. During combat, there is a new handicap feature. When performing an action that causes unbalance, the amount of unbalance you'll receive will be reduced based on the last time you used an action that causes unbalance. There is a minimum unbalance time of 1 second.

Spells and Actions
Most spell effects will no longer have a timed duration. Some buffs will remain on a character indefinitely or until they dispel them. When a buff is active, your max mana will be reduced based on the spell. This applies to the target of the spell, regardless who cast it. Other spell effects will last while combat is active, until logging out, or last a until a certain amount of attacks or actions are performed. Instead of timed cool downs, some actions will only be able to be performed a certain amount of times in combat or against a specific target.

Guilds will be disabled during the beta.

Misc. Changes
There are a lot of new features and changes. Some are listed below:
  • Please make sure to look at CONFIG to see new options such as combat filtering.
  • The COLOR command will allow you to change the colors of different things, such as room titles, items, and friendly or unfriendly monsters.
  • Using [] will create a hyperlink with a command, while {} will create a help hyperlink (for those with MXP support).
  • Protocols are now controlled entirely by subnegotiation.
  • The new command WALKTO will automatically move you in the direction of a point of interest within an area. Each step takes 1 second. Any actions that cause unbalance or entering combat will break the movement. You can WALKTO a quest giver as long as you have the complete entry in your journal (you must already have been there) and you are within the same area.
Final Thoughts
Please be sure to utilize the IDEA/BUG/TYPO commands during beta. While we will always continue to accept constructive feedback throughout the life of the mud, the beta is meant to be collect as much as possible. We zeroed out the cost of items and are allowing for retrains freely. Please experiment as much as possible and submit feedback!

Thank you!

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